Dr. Alistair Sutherland


Research Students

Fiona Dermody

Dexmont Pena

Marlon Oliveira

Academic Lecturing
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Modelling and Scientific Computing
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Computer Vision

Pattern Recognition

Human Gesture Recognition

Human Behaviour Recognition from Multiple Video Streams

3D Object Recognition

Autonomous Vehicle Navigation using 3D Computer Vision

Shape Recognition

Human Behaviour Recognition using Kinect for Digital Learning

Automatic Recognition of Sign Language for the Deaf

Selected Publications: 

Fiona Dermody, A. Sutherland A Multi-modal System for Public Speaking using Real-time Feedback Proceedings of the 2015 ACM on International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, pp369-370, 2015

Fiona Dermody, Alistair Sutherland, Margaret Farren A Multi-modal System for Public Speaking Human Computer Interaction - INTERACT 2015, Lecture Notes In Computer Science, 9299, pp 499-501

Dexmont Pena, Alistair Sutherland,  Non-parametric Image Transforms for Sparse Disparity Maps Machine Vision Applications (MVA), pp 291-294, 2015

Marlon Oliveira, Alistair Sutherland  Interpolating Eigenvectors from Second-stage PCA to find the Pose Angle in Hand-shape Recognition IRISH MACHINE VISION & IMAGE PROCESSING Conference proceedings 2015

A Dehghani, A Sutherland A Novel Interest-Point-Based Background Subtraction Algorithm
Electronic Letters on Computer Vision and Image Analysis 13 (1), 50-67, 2014

Fattah Alizadeh and Alistair Sutherland. 2013. 3D Mesh Decomposition Using Protrusion and Boundary Part Detection. Lecture Notes In Computer Science, 8048,, pp126-134.

Han, Junwei Awad, George Sutherland, Alistair. 2013. Boosted subunits: a framework for recognising sign language from videos. IET Image Processing, 7, 1, pp70-80.

Dahai Yu , Ovidiu Ghita , Alistair Sutherland , Paul F. Whelan. 2012. A new visual speech modelling approach for visual speech recognition. Journal Of Computer And Information Technology, 1,, pp1-11.

J. Han, G. Awad, A. Sutherland, "Automatic skin segmentation and tracking in sign language recognition," Computer Vision, IET, vol.3, no.1, pp.24-35, March 2009

J. Han, G. Awad, A. Sutherland, “Modelling and segmenting subunits for sign language recognition based on hand motion analysis”, Pattern Recognition Letters, Volume 30, Issue 6, 15 April 2009, Pages 623-633

D. Yu, O. Ghita, A. Sutherland, P.F. Whelan, “A Novel Visual Speech Representation and HMM Classification for Visual Speech Recognition”, Wada, Huang and Lin (Eds). 3rd Pacific-Rim Symposium on Image and Video Technology PSIVT 2009, LNCS 5414, pps 398-409, 13-16 January 2009

"A New Manifold Representation for Visual Speech Recognition", D. Yu, O. Ghita, A. Sutherland, P.F. Whelan, 12th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (CAIP07), LNCS 4673: 374-382, Vienna, Austria, 27-29 August 2007.

Active Research Grants: 

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship for Dexmont Pena

Brazilian Science without Borders Scholarship for Marlon Oliveira