Dr David Gray

Senior Lecturer in Computing

Academic Lecturing
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Research Group: 
Dependable Systems
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Research Interests: 
  • Security Protocols
  • Public Key Cryptography
  • Formal Methods
  • Mobile Applications
Selected Publications: 
  • David Gray, The security of Lee and Chang's t-out-of-n lottery protocol, 2010 China-Ireland International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies (CIICT 2010), 10-OCT-10 - 11-OCT-10, Wuhan, China.
  • David Gray and Caroline Sheedy, E-Voting: a new approach using Double-Blind identity-Based Encryption, 7th European Workshop on Public Key Infrastructures, Services and Applications (EuroPKI 2010), 23-SEP-10 - 24-SEP-10, Athens, Greece.
  • Thibault Candebat and David Gray. 2006. Secure Pseudonym Management using Mediated Identity-Based Cryptography. Journal Of Computer Security, 14, 3, pp249-267.
  • B. Aziz, G.W. Hamilton and D. Gray. 2005. A Static Analysis of Cryptographic Processes: The Denotational Approach. Journal Of Logic And Algebraic Programming, 64, 2, pp285-320.
  • B. Aziz, G.W. Hamilton and D. Gray. 2005. A Denotational Approach to the Static Analysis of Cryptographic Processes. Electronic Notes In Theoretical Computer Science, 118, , pp19-36.
  • R. Nicholl, M. Clint, D. Gray and T. Nicholl. 1990. The use of functional annotation in verifying imperative programs. IEE Software Engineering Journal, 5, 5, pp280-288.
  • David Gray. 1988. The formal specification of a Small Bookshop Information System. IEEE Transactions On Software Engineering, 14, 2, pp263-272.
  • David Gray. 1987. A Pedagogical Verification Condition Generator. The Computer Journal, 30, 3, pp239-248.
Active Research Grants: 

SFI RFP: The Formal Treatment of Identity-Based Signatures