DELiC4MT is a piece of software that allows to perform diagnostic evaluation of Machine Translation systems over linguistic checkpoints, i.e. source-language lexical elements and grammatical constructions specified by the user. It has been developed within the CoSyne project.

All the code is available under the GPL-v3 license. Download the latest packaged version, 20120809 or check out the GIT repository.

A web service to use DELiC4MT remotely is also available.

If you use DELiC4MT in your research please cite the following paper:

Antonio Toral, Sudip Kumar Naskar, Federico Gaspari, Declan Groves. DELiC4MT: A Tool for Diagnostic MT Evaluation over User-defined Linguistic Phenomena. The Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics No 98, 2012, pp. 121-131., ISSN 0032-6585, DOI: 10.2478/v10108-012-0014-9. [paper-pdf] [bibtex]