@Cathal is a (senior) lecturer at the School of Computing, at Dublin City University, a visiting researcher at the University of Tromso and a principal Investigator at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics. His research interest is personal analytics and lifelogging (a search engine for the self). He also has an interest in information retrieval (IR) and a particular interest in how people access information from mobile devices (MHCIR). He has gathered a digital memory since 2006 and he is the co-author of ‘Lifelogging, Personal Big Data’, 2014.

Recent Professional Activities Summary (2010 onwards)

PC Memberships (2013 to 2015)
  • ACM SIGIR 2016, PC Member
  • DH 2016, PC Member
  • ICME 2016, PC member
  • ECIR 2016, Senior PC Member.
  • MMM 2016, PC Member, Demos co-Chair
  • ACM SIGIR 2015, PC Member
  • ECIR 2015, Senior PC Member
  • MMM 2015, PC Member
  • PV 2015, PC Member
  • ACM ICMR 2014, PC Member
  • ACM SIGIR 2014, PC Member
  • ECIR 2014, PC Member
  • ESWC 2014, PC Member
  • i-ASC 2014, PC Member
  • MMM 2014, PC Member
  • WI 2013, Senior PC
  • CIKM 2013, PC Member
  • Sensecam 2013, PC Member
  • LLPH 2013, PC Member
  • Applied Computing 2013, PC Member
  • MMM 2013, PC Member, Proceedings Chair
  • OAIR 2013, PC Member
  • ICMR 2013, PC Member
  • SAC IAR 2013, PC Member
  • ACM SIGIR 2013, PC Member
  • ECIR 2013, PC Member

Editorial and Review Boards
  • Information Processing & Management (15-...)
  • World Wide Web Journal (13-...)
  • IEEE Transactions on Multimedia Review Panel (11-..)
  • International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction (09-..)
  • MultiMedia Tools and Applications Review Panel (08-..)
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, UK (2011)
  • NWO: Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, Expert Reviewer (2010)

Recent Invited Talks & Keynotes (2013 onwards)

  • “Beyond Quantified Self - The Promise of Lifelogging as an Assistive Technology”. Keynote talk at HealthWear2016, Budapest, Hungry, 14th June 2016.
  • “Lifelogging - Personal Data for Human Measurement”. Keynote at MB2016, the 10th International Conference on Methods and Techniques in Behavioral Research, Dublin, Ireland, 26th May 2016.
  • “Lifelogging - Surrogate Memories and Recorded Lives”. Invited talk at Hochschule Luzern‎, Luzern, Switzerland, 15 May 2016.
  • Personal Data, beyond Facebook and Instagram”. Invited talk at Irish Distillers, Dublin, Ireland. October 2015.
  • Lifelogging, a new era of Personal Data”. Invited talk at BioHackers Summit 2015, Helsinki, Finland. September 2015
  • “Extreme Personal Data”. Invited Seminar at the University of Tsukuba, Japan. August 2015.
  • “Tracking your Life - Self Quantification & Endless Data”. Invited talk at EnterConf 2015, Belfast, Ireland. June 2015
  • 15 Million Image Lifelog - Thoughts and Experiences”. Invited speaker at the Quantified Self Global Meetup, San Francisco, CA. June 2015
  • “Lifelogging - Data Challenges”. Invited talk at National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland. May 2015
  • “Lifelogging - Challenges and Opportunities for a New Era of Personal Data”. Invited Seminar at Reykjavik University, Iceland. May 2015.
  • “Lifelogging - The Era of Archived Lifetimes”. Evening Lecture at the Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland. March 2015.
  • “Lifleogging and the Internet of Me”. Invited Speech at IGQIE 2014, Dublin, Ireland. November 2014
  • Lifelogging - A New Big Data Challenge”. EU Delegation to Japan, Tokyo, Japan. November 2014
  • Play, Pause, Rewind - The Era of Archived Lifetimes”. Invited Speaker at Mayo2040, Mayo, Ireland. November 2014.
  • “Lifelogging - Data Analytics for the Individual”. Keynote talk at VadConext 2014, Lille, France. Octover 2014
  • “Lifelogging, a technical Summary”. Invited talk at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, June 2014
  • “Lifelogging, creating The Personal Digital Assistant”. Invited talk at NII, Tokyo, Japan. June 2014
  • “Gathering and Organising Lifelogs, A new information retrieval challenge”. Invited talk at the University of Kyoto, Japan, May 2014
  • “Personal Life Archives: Challenges and Opportunities”. Invited talk at USCD, CA, 14 Nov 2013.
  • “Lifelog, an Awareness Engine”. Invited talk at the Ubiquitous Computing group, UCSD, CA, 12 Nov 2013.
  • “Lifelog Semantics from Wearable Computing”, Invited talk at ISTAS 2013, Toronto, Canada, June 2013.
  • “Experiences of a LifeLogger: Tasks and Challenges”, Keynote talk at: Lifelong User Modelling workshop at UMAP 2013, Rome, Italy. 14th June 2013.
  • “Personal Sensing and Lifelogging: Little-big data”, Invited talk at University of Tromso, Tromso, Norway. 10th June 2013.
  • “Seven Years of Lifelogging: Experiences and Solutions”, Invited Speaker at Quantified Self EU 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 12th May 2013.
  • “Lifelogging: An Information Retrieval Challenge”, Invited talk at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. 19th April 2013.

Recent Press Coverage (2011 onwards

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