Dr Cathal Gurrin (@cathal) is an Associate Professor at the School of Computing, at Dublin City University and a principal Investigator at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics. Gurrin leads a group of 8 researchers dedicated to developing assistive technologies using wearable sensors and data analytics. The highly interdisciplinary approach advanced by his group, "lifelogging", integrates computer science, cognitive science and data-driven healthcare analytics to generate next-generation digital records of the individual, The basic idea is to provide a non-invasive, secure and privacy-preserving personal big data archive monitoring and analyzing continuously, for instance, health related data in a proactive manner for personalized health maintenance and restoration. He has secured research funding of over €2.5M (from Irish, EU and other international sources), co-authored patents with Samsung, licensed technologies to Irish startups, mentored new technology companies and has graduated 8 PhDs and supervised numerous MSc dissertations. He has a Google H-index of 29 from over 2,500 citations to his research works, and he is the co-author of ‘Lifelogging, Personal Big Data’, 2014. In addition, he co-organises the QS meetup in Dublin and regularly speaks at major international events such as the Global Quantified-Self Conference and partner-events. He is the founder and co-organser of the Lifelog Search Challenge at ICMR, the NTCIR-Lifelog participation workshop and the ImageCLEF lifelog task. Finally he has been the general chair of many high-ranking computer science conferences, such as ECIR 2011 & MMM 2014, he has been the general co-chair of MB2016 & MMM2017, and held co-chairing roles in ECIR 2010, ACM CIKM 2010, ACM SIGIR 2013, and he holds position on numerous editorial boards and conference steering committees. He will be the general co-chair of ACM ICMR2020 in Dublin and the PC co-chair of MMM2019 in Greece.

Research Team (August 2016)
  • Dr. Duc Tien Dang Nguyen, postdoctoral researcher
  • Aaron Duane, PhD Student, VR Lifelogging
  • Rashmi Gupa, PhD Student, Lifelog Evaluation
  • Dr. Zaher Hinbarji, PhD Student, User Identity Profiling
  • Na Li, PhD Student, Lifelog Data Analytics
  • Liting Zhou, RA, Human Factors & Experimentation
  • Moohamad Hinbarji, RA, User Identify Logging

Current and Recent Professional Activities Summary (2010 onwards)

PC Memberships (2016 to 2018)
  • DH2018, PC Member
  • ACM SIGIR 2018, PC and SPC Member
  • ECIR 2018, PC MEMBER
  • MMM2018, PC Member, VBS Co-chair
  • ICME2018, PC Member
  • ICMR2018, PC Member
  • MMHealth 2017, PC Member and co-organiser
  • AH2017, PC Member
  • LTA2017, Co-Organiser and PC Member
  • SAC-IAR 2017, PC Member
  • ACM SIGIR 2017, PC Member and Workshops PC Member
  • ECIR2017, PC Member
  • ICMR 2017, PC Member
  • MMM2017 PC Member and co-General Chair
  • AH 2016, PC Member
  • ACM SIGIR 2016, PC Member
  • DH2016, PC member.
  • ICME 2016, PC member
  • ICMR 2016, PC member
  • SAC-IAR 2016 PC Member
  • IRLLD 2016, Chair, PC Member
  • ECIR 2016, Senior PC Member
  • HealthRecSys 2016, PC Member
  • MMM 2016, PC Member, Demos Chair
  • Pervasive Computing 2016, PC Member

Editorial and Review Boards
  • Information Processing & Management (15-...)
  • World Wide Web Journal (13-...)
  • IEEE Transactions on Multimedia Review Panel (11-..)
  • International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction (09-..)
  • MultiMedia Tools and Applications Review Panel (08-..)
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, UK (2011)
  • NWO: Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, Expert Reviewer (2010)

Recent Invited Talks & Keynotes (2013 onwards)

  • “Beyond Quantified Self - The Promise of Lifelogging as an Assistive Technology”. Keynote talk at HealthWear2016, Budapest, Hungry, 14th June 2016.
  • “Lifelogging - Personal Data for Human Measurement”. Keynote at MB2016, the 10th International Conference on Methods and Techniques in Behavioral Research, Dublin, Ireland, 26th May 2016.
  • “Lifelogging - Surrogate Memories and Recorded Lives”. Invited talk at Hochschule Luzern‎, Luzern, Switzerland, 15 May 2016.
  • Personal Data, beyond Facebook and Instagram”. Invited talk at Irish Distillers, Dublin, Ireland. October 2015.
  • Lifelogging, a new era of Personal Data”. Invited talk at BioHackers Summit 2015, Helsinki, Finland. September 2015
  • “Extreme Personal Data”. Invited Seminar at the University of Tsukuba, Japan. August 2015.
  • “Tracking your Life - Self Quantification & Endless Data”. Invited talk at EnterConf 2015, Belfast, Ireland. June 2015
  • 15 Million Image Lifelog - Thoughts and Experiences”. Invited speaker at the Quantified Self Global Meetup, San Francisco, CA. June 2015
  • “Lifelogging - Data Challenges”. Invited talk at National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland. May 2015
  • “Lifelogging - Challenges and Opportunities for a New Era of Personal Data”. Invited Seminar at Reykjavik University, Iceland. May 2015.
  • “Lifelogging - The Era of Archived Lifetimes”. Evening Lecture at the Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland. March 2015.
  • “Lifleogging and the Internet of Me”. Invited Speech at IGQIE 2014, Dublin, Ireland. November 2014
  • Lifelogging - A New Big Data Challenge”. EU Delegation to Japan, Tokyo, Japan. November 2014
  • Play, Pause, Rewind - The Era of Archived Lifetimes”. Invited Speaker at Mayo2040, Mayo, Ireland. November 2014.
  • “Lifelogging - Data Analytics for the Individual”. Keynote talk at VadConext 2014, Lille, France. Octover 2014
  • “Lifelogging, a technical Summary”. Invited talk at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, June 2014
  • “Lifelogging, creating The Personal Digital Assistant”. Invited talk at NII, Tokyo, Japan. June 2014
  • “Gathering and Organising Lifelogs, A new information retrieval challenge”. Invited talk at the University of Kyoto, Japan, May 2014
  • “Personal Life Archives: Challenges and Opportunities”. Invited talk at USCD, CA, 14 Nov 2013.
  • “Lifelog, an Awareness Engine”. Invited talk at the Ubiquitous Computing group, UCSD, CA, 12 Nov 2013.
  • “Lifelog Semantics from Wearable Computing”, Invited talk at ISTAS 2013, Toronto, Canada, June 2013.
  • “Experiences of a LifeLogger: Tasks and Challenges”, Keynote talk at: Lifelong User Modelling workshop at UMAP 2013, Rome, Italy. 14th June 2013.
  • “Personal Sensing and Lifelogging: Little-big data”, Invited talk at University of Tromso, Tromso, Norway. 10th June 2013.
  • “Seven Years of Lifelogging: Experiences and Solutions”, Invited Speaker at Quantified Self EU 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 12th May 2013.
  • “Lifelogging: An Information Retrieval Challenge”, Invited talk at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. 19th April 2013.

Recent Press Coverage (2011 onwards

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