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School of Computing
Dublin City University, Ireland.


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I am a Senior Lecturer at the School of Computing at Dublin City University.


My main area of research interest is currently Cloud and Service Systems Engineering.The central objective is the development and application of software engineering technologies for dependable software and information systems - combining classical software engineering techniques with domain-specific solutions - for cloud and service architectures in particular. Software architecture is the central perspective. Model-driven development provides the methodological context. The systems engineering perspective, addressing a holistic perspective of software and the systems environment it is embedded in, is of particular importance. I am also a member of the Dependable Systems Group.

Current extensions of the Internet platform - in particular the Cloud, Web Services Framework and the Semantic Web - are elements of my research. The architecture of services and business processes in service-oriented and cloud computing architectures is an area that joins both directions.

The application of information and software technologies for the development and deployment of learning technology systems, but also other application domains is the main focus.

My Google Scholar Profile is here and downloadable publications are here.

Specific Research Areas:

  • Cloud Migration and Adaptation: migration processes and patterns; on-premise to cloud migration; refactoring and re-engineering for migration; evaluation of migration solutions.
  • Adaptivity in Service-based Cloud Computing: data integration for on-demand architectures; ontology-based service mediation for on-demand service systems; multi-tenancy SOA and policy-based governance.
  • Scalable Cloud Computing Platforms: infrastructure scalability (VM, storage, network); pattern-based quality prediction; SLA management architectures.
  • Dynamic SOA/Cloud Models - Quality and Monitoring: dynamic architectural Configuration, service models at runtime; logic and ontology for runtime SOA modelling and composition; constraints monitoring; multi-tenancy SOA and SOA governance.
  • Service Architecture Modelling and Evolution: ontology-based architectural description languages to support architecture modelling; graph-based architecture transformation systems; patterns in architecture transformation and evolution; quality and property preservation.
  • Semantic Cloud Brokerage and Interoperability : cloud broker architectures; interoperability solutions for federated clouds; request descriptions and their resolution.
  • Business Process and Service Architecture Integration: layered architectural framework for business process and architecture configuration; IT-architecture alignment; graph-based pattern modelling in business processes; pattern identification and discovery techniques.
  • Ontology-based Customisable Business Process Management: domain-specific rule languages for business process constaints; ontology-based domain modeks; security and privacy constraints; change and evolution patterns; operational support for semantic information evolution; impact analysis.

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  • Thursdays, 10.00 - 11.00 in L2.27 (during term - otherwise please make an appointment by email)


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Software and Systems Engineering Group

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