James Lanagan
Post-Doctoral researcher with CDVP
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This page is no longer maintained. To see an up-to-date description of my work people go to my new website.

I am a Post-doctoral researcher with the Centre for Digital Video Processing located in Dublin City University, having recently completed my PhD under the supervision of Professor Alan Smeaton. I also work as part of the Clarity Centre for Sensor Web Technologies.

My PhD focussed on the use of user generated content to aid the information retrieval process. By utilising the interaction of a community of user, it is possible to improve the browsing and retrieval process for future users. This interaction is in the form of annotations on webpages, comments on blogs, or discussions in web forums.

I am currently employed on a post-doc contract working with industrial partners to create new and innovative methods of delivering tailored content to users based on location, context, and personal preferences. This is an area I find particularly exciting given the current trends towards "where 2.0" and other location-based social networking initiatives.

Prior to this I worked on the analysis and removal of noise from blogs (advertising, repeated content (banner headings etc.), or related/recent postings), and as a research assistant with a small team working on annotation and organisation of video media. What can I say, diversification leads to broadening of interests.