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Together with Niall, I work on the Beat the Bleep challenge for first year students around Ireland. We work together to analyse the results from the many thousands of runs made by those students who entered the competiton. Our goal is to model the levels of fitness of boys and girls from different perspectives and to encourage continuing participation by linking all entries with their County. This will show us Ireland's most active county for 12-13 year old boys and girls.


The Beat the Bleep Challenge was devised by Prof. Niall Moyna as an initiative for young boys and girls to focus on exercise and fitness. Together with John Murray, they created a competition to encourage 1st years to take part in fitness exercises together as a class.

Phase I was launched on the John Murray Show back in January 2012. On Friday 15th, the findings from Phase I were discussed and Phase II was announced.

CLICK the radio to listen to Niall discussing the results on John's show.


Information for Schools

In this section, we will publish information for schools so that they can see what schools and classes are involved. It also lets teachers know that the results for their classes have been entered into the Schools Challenge Database.


What Schools were entered for Phase I?

The entries for some schools did not make it into our database. Why?

Some spreadsheets were blank; some were incorrectly formatted; some schools did not use spreadsheets at all. At the outset, we tried to fix entries but as the numbers grew larger (over 8.5 thousands students), we did not have the resources to continue.  

Click here to view all schools and classes that were counted in Phase I

Schools are sorted by County and then by School. You must use the same class names for us to compare between Phase I and Phase II.


How did our classes get on?

The purpose of the Schools Challenge is to encourage involvement in exercise and physical activity. It is not about creating league tables. While we can announce the winners in 3 categories, we will not be publishing rankings.

At the same time, we know that everybody wants to know how they got on. Using the table below, each child can see how they got on. If you compute the average for your class, you can see how the class fared.


  P10 P20 P30 P40 P50 P60 P70 P80 P90 Highest
Girls 3.1 3.5 4.1 4.5 5.0 5.5 6.1 6.8 7.9 12.5
Boys 4.0 5.0 5.6 6.3 7.0 7.7 8.4 9.1 10.1 14.5

Table 1. Percentiles Using Levels


  P10 P20 P30 P40 P50 P60 P70 P80 P90 Highest
Girls 16 20 24 28 32 37 42 49 60 111
Boys 23 32 38 44 51 58 65 73 84 136

Table 2. Percentiles Using Shuttles


How do I use the tables?

Using Table 1, if your level is 4.0 or lower (boys), you are in the bottom 10% of all boys. If you level is higher than 5.0 (girls), then you are in the top half (50%) of all girls. If your level is above 7.9 (girls), then you are in the top 10% of all girls. If you level was 12.5 (girls) or 14.5 (boys), then you are the top girl or boy in our challenge so far.


PLEASE NOTE: Many schools sent messages with their results to say that they felt their results were poor. It is very important that we receive all results in order that we have a national picture. Please continue to do so even if you feel you have have weaker results than Phase I. Also, when we publish County Statistics, simply by taking part, you will improve the image for your County.


Coming Soon: Percentiles Per Class .... to show where your class ranked!


Setting Your Targets

On February 16th, an Irish Times article highlighted just how well our classes compared to the European averages published in a recent study in the British Journal of Sports Science. However, these averages are too low and our own Irish averages for Phase I were 53 (level 7.2) for boys and 32 (level 5.0) for girls.

For each student check their number of shuttles and compute a class average.

  • If your class was below the European average,  35 (level 5.3) for boys and 17 (level 3.2) for girls, try to improve and get above this average.
  • If your class is below the Irish average,  53 (level 7.2) for boys and 32 (level 5.0) for girls, then this should be your target.
  • If your class is above the Irish average, Niall has set the challenge of 72 (Level 9.0) for boys and 50 (Level 6.9)  for girls.
  • If your average is above this, well done, but many students in Phase I exceeded these targets, so set your goals a little higher.

We will shortly provide a results chart for Phase I which will tell you where you class was placed.

RTE has made available a set of basic exercises to help students prepare for the Bleep Test.


How we we participate now?

Details for Phase II are available on the RTE website. All schools are encouraged to participate although only those who entered for Phase I can win a prize. However, by getting involved, apart from the health benefits, you will contribute to your County's fitness levels and all schools involved will be mentioned in our survey report. 

From now on, all schools will receive an invitation to take part by email and in that email, they will receive a web link where they can enter data.


What Schools are registered for Phase II?

It is important that you verify that we have your contact details for Phase II as this will be purely web-based.

Check the Phase II Status Table to ensure we have your details.

Schools are sorted by County and then by School.  If you school is in the list, you will receive an invitation to Phase II. 


We missed out on Phase I but would like our classes to be included in this initiative. What do we do?

We encourage all first year classes to participate in Phase II.  By getting involved, apart from the health benefits, you will contribute to your County's fitness levels and all schools involved will be mentioned in our survey report. 



If you have any enquiries about the Challenge, send an email to:

Please note that you are unlikely to get an immediate response as the enquiry line is very busy but we try to answer all emails.