M.Sc Graduates



  • Hossain, Fakir (2013) A rule based approach to data certification - applying DQXML for system independent data certification. Master of Science thesis, Dublin City University.
    Link: http://doras.dcu.ie/19404/
  • Shakya, Kabita (2013) Content evaluation and tool development for knowledge management system. Master of Science thesis, Dublin City University.
    Link: http://doras.dcu.ie/18378/
  • Krishnamurthy, Aarthy (2013) Open source software development process for the development of open source e-learning systems. Master of Engineering thesis, Dublin City University.


  • Jie Shi, Building a Context Rich Interface to Low Level Sensor Data (M. Roantree)


  • Jyoti Porwal, Epigenetic Modelling: DNA Methylation and working towards Model Parameterisation (H. Ruskin)


  • Mark Kevitt, Best Software Test & Quality Assurance Practices in the Project Life-cycle. An approach to the creation of a process for improved test & quality assurance practices in the project life-cycle of an SME. (R. Verbruggen)
  • Hai Ying Luan, Intrusion Detection and Management over the World Wide Web. (D. O'Brien)
  • Masanori Oya, Treebank-Based Automatic Acquisition of Wide Coverage, Deep Linguistic Resources for Japanese. (J. Van Genabith)
  • Darren Fitzpatrick, Intrusion Detection and Security Assessment in a University Network (D. O'Brien)
  • Juan Yao, Modelling Diffusion Process in Social Networks and Visualizing Social Network Data (M. Helfert)


  • Péporté, Michèle, Generating Realistic, Animated Human Gestures in order to Model, Analyse and Recognise Irish Sign Language (A. Sutherland)


  • Cafferkey, Conor, Exploiting Multi-Word Units in Statistical Parsing and Generation
    (J. VanGenabith)


  • Rothwell, Sandra, Detection and analysis of emotional highlights in film
    (A. Smeaton)
  • Coogan, Thomas, Dynamic gesture recognition using transformation invariant hand shape recognition
    (A. Sutherland)
  • Bolger, Karen, An experiment on the introduction of software project management techniques to industry
    (H. Duncan)
  • McMullen, Declan, Using ontology technology to support content generation and run time adaptivity in E-learning environments
    (C. Pahl)
  • Zhu, Yaoling, Declarative rule-based integration and mediation for XML data in web service-based software architectures
    (C. Pahl)
  • Armstrong, Stephen, Using EMBT to produce foreign language subtitles
    (A. Way)
  • Finn, Regina, Grammatical feature data-oriented parsing
    (A. Way)


  • Heaney, David, Mass production of individual feedback
    (C. Daly)
  • Kenny, Claire, Automated tutoring for a database skills training environment
    (C. Pahl)
  • Oehl, Frederic Enoha, Defining an approximation to formally verify cryptographic protocols
    (D. Sinclair)


  • King, Noel, A metadata service for service oriented architectures
    (C. Pahl)
  • O'Connor, Martin, Level-based indexing for optimising XML queries
    (M. Roantree)
  • Tunney, David, A language based on the Pi-calculus
    (D. Gray)


  • Butler, John, Integrating Legacy Mainframe Systems: Architectural Issues and Solutions (R. Verbruggen)
  • Costigan, Neil, Implemtation of an Identity Based Encryption sub-system for secure e-Mail and other applications (M. Scott)
  • Greevy, Edel, Automatic Text Categorisation of Racist Webpages (A. Smeaton)
  • Lyttleton, Oliver, Client Service Capability Matching (D. Sinclair)
  • O'Connor, Gerald, Metadata Queries for Complex Database Systems (M. Roantree)
  • Schmidtke, Dag, Treebank annotation with a wide-coverage Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (J. VanGenabith)


  • Hayes, Jer, A Structural Alignment Model of Noun-Noun Compound Interpretation (J. VanGenabith)
  • Power, Bernadette, Declassification: Transforming Java Programs to Remove Intermediate Classes (G. Hamilton)
  • Sharifi, Saba, Co-Movements among Financial Stocks and Covariance Matrix Analysis (M. Crane)


  • Ui Dhonnchadha, Elaine, An Analyser and Generator for Irish Inflectional Morphology Using Finite-State Transducers (J. VanGenabith)
  • Ward, Monica, A Template for a CALL Programme for Endangered Languages (J. VanGenabith)
  • Haran, Aidan,  Collaborative Computer Personalities in the Game of Chess (D. Sinclair)
  • Mavroyiannis, Calliopi, Design and Technology for the 10-12 Age group; A Computer-Based Approach.(H. Ruskin)
  • Zhu, Bao, Computational Aspects of Modelling Froth Networks: Problems, Pictures and properties (H. Ruskin)
  • Liu, Y, A Mesoscopic Approach to Modelling the Immune Response using Cellular Automata and Monte Carlo Methods. (H. Ruskin)


  • Al-Sayer, Fajer, Analysis of Airline Booking Data (A. Sutherland)
  • Browne, Paul, Segmenting Digital Video. (A. Smeaton)
  • Maher, Eamon, 
  • Mannion, Rachel, CA and Monte Carlo Models of HIV Infection.(H. Ruskin)
  • Mein-Sin Tan, Kenny, Constructing a Schema Repository Query Tool (M. Roantree)


  • O'Connell, Bernard Joseph, A fuzzy logic based controller for an autonomous mobile robot in a dynamic environment.(C. Daly)


  • Balfe, Andrew.
  • Dongxue, Dai. Chinese Information Retrieval.   (A. Smeaton)
  • Diamantidis, Alexandros. Approximate Models of JOB Shops.  (M. O'hEigeartaigh)
  • Forrestal, Fiona. Monthly Passenger Movement Series 1946-1995.  (H. Ruskin / G. Keogh)
  • Gaffney, Eamon. The Development of an Agent Based Critiquing System Architecture for a Project Managament Tool: Prompter.  (T. Moynihan)
  • Hunt, Michael. Autonomous Mobile Robit Navigation using Fuzzy Logic Control.  (C. Daly)
  • Johnston, Mark Stephen. Abstract Project Model : A Description of a Generic Software Project.  (T. Monyihan)
  • Kohli, Aman Sagar. Supporting Fault-Tolerance in a Distributed Multi-Process Environment.  (D. Sinclair)
  • Karagiannis, Theofanis. A Simulation Model for the Reliability of Manufacturing Systems ( H. Ruskin)
  • Kernan, Jane. Evaluating the Effectiveness of User Interfaces to Information Retrieval Systems.  (A. Smeaton)
  • Ní Eigeartaigh, Triona. A Branch & Bound Algorithm for the Airline Crew Rostering Problem.  (D. Sinclair)
  • O'Connor, Jeremiah. An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Word Shape Token Information Retrieval.  (A. Smeaton)
  • O'Toole, Colin. Analysis of Shot Boundary Detection Techniques on a Large Video Test Suite.  (A. Smeaton)
  • Rovcanin, Lejla. Analysis and Specification of the D language.   (J. Murphy)
  • Skehill, Adrian.Building Multidatabase Collections using an Enhanced ODMG Object Model.  (M. Roantree)
  • Stamoulakatos, Theodoros. Effective Algorithms for Facility Layout & VLSI Circuit Design.  (M. O'hEigeartaigh)



  • Glover, Alan.  An Investigation of an ISDN CAD File Transfer Service.  (Brian Hurley, DIT)
  • Crimmins, Francis. The Fusion System: Using Effective IR Techniques for Searching the WWW. (A. Smeaton)
  • Hearne, Gary. Quality Assurance Tools for Help Files. (A. Way / M. Roantree)
  • Horan, Patrick. The World is What You Make It - An Application of Virtual Reality to the Tourism Industry.  (Ciaran MacDonail, DIT)
  • Quinn, Gerard. Content Based Retrieval from an Archive of Spoken Radio News. (A. Smeaton)



  • Coleman, Gerard.
  • Gollogley, Gavin. Assisting the hypertext authoring process using topology metrics and information retrieval (A. Smeaton)
  • Haran, Peter. Markov decision processes in the optimisation of culling decisions for Irish dairy herds. (L. Killen)
  • Hashmi, Kashmeri Fuzzy logic based selection of machining parameters (M. Ryan)
  • Maher, Ken. Computer games as a pedagogical tool in education. (M. O'hEigeartaigh)
  • Ryan, Carmel Evaluating the effectiveness of electronic special interest groups (M. O'hEigeartaigh)
  • Timmons, Michelle. Generic Object Oriented QA Tool for Documentation files. (A. Way/M. Roantree)
  • Ward, Sandra. Implementation of Action Semantics in Coq. (J. Power)



  • Berry, Damon.
  • Carr, Deirdre. Head-driven machine translation. (A. Way)
  • Doran, Derek. Migration of an operating system to an object-oriented paradigm. (J. Waldron)
  • Doyle, Gregory. A transition model for the migration to an object-oriented software development methodology. (R. Verbruggen)
  • Egan, Alan Physically realistic synthetic animation using spacetime constraints. (M. Scott)
  • Foley, Somhairle 3-D animation and morphing using RenderMan (M. Scott)
  • Gibson, Ken. Phoneme recognition using time-delay neural networks. (A. Way)
  • Manso, Oscar. PCLinda: a tool for parallel programming. (D. Sinclair)
  • Masterson, Sinead Improving integration and consistency in the OMT methodology. (T. Monyihan)
  • O'Hara, Noel. Visible surface determination for interactive rendering of building environments. (M. Scott)
  • Whelan, Robert An object display server as a visual aid to the construction of interactive graphics. (A. Smeaton)



  • Dunne, Mary T. A Modified Mathematical Model for HIV Transmission, AIDS and Intervention Strategies in Ireland.(H. Ruskin/A. Wood(Maths.))
  • Cox, Brian. Distributed parallel processing and the factoring problem. (M. Scott)
  • Daly, Keith. The modelling of ultrasonic sensors for incorporation into a simulator for a mobile robot. (C. Daly)
  • Higgins, Catherine. A formal precursor to the optimisation of P/FDM DAPLEX queries. (J. Murphy)
  • Keating, Kevin.
  • Magee, Patricia. Practical experience in analysing software defect data. (R. Verbruggen)
  • Mahon, Elaine K. Modelling discourse theory. (A. Way)
  • Morrissey, Patrick J. An exploration of automatic hypertext construction (A. Smeaton)
  • Murray, Donal. Auto-generation of rules in a fuzzy logic control system. (J. Power)
  • Nolan, Fiona. Knowledge representation for machine translation. (A. Monaghan)
  • O'Connor, Rory. E/VPL a system for modelling and enacting software processes. (T. Monyihan)
  • O'Donnell, Ruairi The study of information retrieval and natural language ambiguity in a large text corpus. (A. Smeaton)
  • Palmer, Ross. Object-oriented class metrics. (R. Verbruggen)
  • Quigley, Ian. Intelligent retrieval from an image database. (A. Smeaton)
  • Tangney, Patricia. Integrating ECMA/ISO PCTE and OMG's CORBA. (J. Murphy)



  • Clynch, Gary. Prototyping real-time systems (R. Verbruggen)
  • Corcoran, Thomas James.
  • Gregan, Aidan. Modelling multimedia presentations using coloured petri-nets. (A. Smeaton)
  • Hayes, Michael J. Modelling of ISDN basic rate transmission on voice-grade telephone lines. (M. O'hEigeartaigh/H. Ruskin)
  • Henry, William. Software project risk management: a support tool. (T. Monyihan)
  • Kelleher, John. Abstraction mechanism for the design of human-computer interfaces (R. Verbruggen)
  • Leeson, Gary Ian. The crossing-number problem: a comparative analysis of the techniques and algorithms for combinatorial optimisation (M. O'hEigeartaigh)
  • McAlinden, Fintan. A prototype management system for multimedia information (R. Verbruggen)
  • O'Donnell, Margaret. Mixing formal specifications using ICL (interconnection language). (T. Monyihan)
  • O'Duinn, John. Robotic navigation. (M. O'hEigeartaigh)
  • O'Neill, Liam. Database rules and time ; some proposed extensions to the SQL standard (A. Smeaton)
  • Power, Jane A. A critiquing system architecture in the risk management domain. (T. Monyihan)
  • Shannon, Adam. A computer model to quantify the cost of producing and delivering various feeds to ruminants. (L. Killen)
  • Walsh, John R. Reliability analysis of offshore production systems. (L. Killen/H. Ruskin)
  • Wynne, L. Demand for telephone services in Ireland. (G. Keogh/L. Killen)



  • Connelly, Julie. Meaning representation in connectionist systems (S. O'Nuallain)
  • Dunne, Christopher. Exploiting a user model to dynamically generate guided tours in hypertexts (R. Verbruggen)
  • Ennis, Mark. Using genetic algorithms to control non-linear systems (S. O'Nuallain)
  • Hynan, James. Neural networks, music and cognition. (S. O'Nuallain)
  • Kelledy, Fergus. Partitioned signature files: experiments on large volumes of text. (A. Smeaton)
  • Logue, Dermot Scheduling algorithms for the yearly extension of the telephone transmission system (M. O'hEigeartaigh)
  • Martin, Declan Oliver Introducing the formal specification language LOTOS into structured analysis based development (R. Verbruggen)
  • McAuley, Angela Implementing metrics for process improvement (R. Verbruggen)
  • McCarthy, Brian. Algorithms for the design and analysis of private telecommunication networks (M. O'hEigeartaigh/G. Keogh)
  • Murphy, Malachy. Deriving LOTOS specifications from rigorous models (T. Monyihan)
  • O'Cearbhaill, Niall. Dearadh eagarthora infhilltigh chliste (M. O'hEigeartaigh)
  • Parker, Stephen. Producing LOTOS specifications from STATEMATE (T. Monyihan)
  • Stone, Brian. Rapid retrieval of temporal data from a distributed parallel access storage system. (M. O'hEigeartaigh/R. Verbruggen)



  • Caffrey, Paul A. Automation of human-computer interaction (A. Smeaton)
  • Doyle, Paul. Applying metrics to rule-based systems (R. Verbruggen)
  • Guinan, Catherine A. An investigation into automatic route selection in hypertext used for learning (A. Smeaton)
  • Halton, Paul A. The implementation of a large-scale numerical model of the atmosphere on a pc-based transputer network (M. O'hEigeartaigh)
  • McCabe, Richard Global data flow analysis of syntax tree intermediate code
  • Murtagh, Dara. Multi-precision arithmetic on a DSP (M. Scott - jointly with School of Electronic Engineering)
  • Roantree, Mark Thomas Paul Combining approaches to information retrieval using a Bayesian formalism (A. Smeaton)
  • Stephens, Gary The design and implementation of the SEAU procedure management system (R. Verbruggen)



  • Doody, James Modelling the yield management process. (M. O'hEigeartaigh)
  • Kiernan, Paul The introduction of realism into SCADA mimic diagrams using object oriented techniques and C++ (M. Scott)
  • Moran, Padraig Grifon - a graphical interface to an object oriented database. (R. Verbruggen)
  • O'Reilly, Derek Computer generaton of photorealistic images using ray tracing (M. Scott)
  • Power, James Linking programs and specifications in Z (T. Monyihan)
  • Sheridan, Paraic The application of morpho-syntatic language processing to effective information retrieval (A. Smeaton)
  • Sinclair, David Synthesis of 2 dimensional image filters by cellular automata. (M. O'hEigeartaigh)
  • Xie, Peijuan A rule based approach to real time systems (M. Ryan)



  • MacRoibeaird, Sean P. Developing and integrating tools in Eclipse/PCTE. (T. Monyihan)
  • R. McCabe
    Global data flow analysis of syntax tree intermediate code.
    (H. Ruskin and M. O'hEigeartaigh)
  • O'Connor, Noel M. An object-oriented testing approach based on a rigorous model of claimed functionality. (R. Verbruggen)
  • Powell, Paul. Advisor - an expert system shell written in Prolog. (M. Ryan)



  • Curran, Eugene. Ray tracing under the microcomputer. (M. Scott)
  • Grimes, Fergal R. XDABS - a rule based front end for the SQL/DS relational database management system. (M. Ryan)
  • McAllister, Colin J. Petri Net modelling of a communications protocol. (M. Scott)
  • McCloskey, Gerard Object oriented implementation and design (R. Verbruggen/T. Monyihan)
  • O'Connell, Paul Computer graphics - an object oriented approach. (M. Scott)
  • O'Dea, Christina J. Game playing and parallel search. (M. Scott)



  • Daly, Charles M.J. Gobnet - A low cost local area network. (M. Scott)