PhD Graduates



  • Bechara, Hanna (2014) Statistical post-editing and quality estimation for machine translation systems. Master of Science thesis, Dublin City University.
  • Ostrowski, Lukasz (2014) Dеsign аnd evаluаtion of activitiеs аnd rеfеrеncе modеl for thе mеtа-dеsign phаsе of dеsign sciеncе - dеmonstrаtеd on businеss procеss modеl artеfаcts. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
  • Vasic, Jelena (2014) A discrete simulation model for heterogeneous traffic including bicycles on urban road networks. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.


  • Abgaz, Yalemisew Mintsnote (2013) Change impact analysis for evolving ontology-based content management. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
  • Bezbradica, Marija (2013) Stochastic computational modelling of complex drug delivery systems. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
  • Chen, Yi (2013) Communicating with your E-memory: finding and refinding in personal lifelogs. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
  • Conroy, Kenneth (2013) A framework for user-assisted knowledge acquisition from sensor data. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
  • Ganguly, Debasis (2013) Topical relevance models. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
  • Greene, Cara (2013) Computer assisted (language) learning (CA(L)L) for the inclusive classroom. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
  • Javed, Muhammad (2013) Operational change management and change pattern identification for ontology evolution. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
  • O'Connor, Martin F. (2013) A compact and scalable encoding for updating XML based on node labeling schemes. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
  • Qiu, Zhengwei (2013) A lifelogging system supporting multimodal access. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
  • Scott, David (2013) Adapting content based video retrieval systems to accommodate the novice user on mobile devices. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
  • Xie, Shuyan (2013) Design and evaluation of business process oriented assessment techniques to determine the quality of information exchanges -demonstrated in public organizations-. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
  • Yilmaz, Murat (2013) A software process engineering approach to understanding software productivity and team personality characteristics: an empirical investigation. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
  • Hurrell, Eoin (2013) Social contextuality and conversational recommender systems. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
  • Banerjee, Pratyush (2013) Domain adaptation for statistical machine translation of corporate and user-generated content. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
  • Almaghout, Hala (2013) CCG-augmented hierarchical phrase-based statistical machine translation. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.


  • Karthika Raghavan, Computational Micromodel for Epigenetic Mechanisms (H. Ruskin)
  • Gavin Mendel-Gleason, Types and Verification for Infinite State Systems (G. Hamilton)
  • Sandipan Dandapat, Mitigating the Problems of SMT using EBMT (A. Way & S. Morrissey)
  • Paul Clarke, Investigating the Relationship between Software Process Improvement, Situational Change, and Business Success in Software SMEs (R. O'Connor)
  • Denis Butin, Inductive Analysis of Security Protocols in Isabelle/HOL with Applications to Electronic Voting (D. Gray)
  • Adam Bermingham, Sentiment Analysis and Real-time Microblog Search (A. Smeaton)
  • Daragh Byrne, Digital Life Stories: Semi-Automatic (Auto)Biographies within Lifelog Collections (G. Jones)
  • Graham Healy, An Analysis of EEG Signals Present During Target Search (A. Smeaton)
  • Walid Magdy, Toward Higher Effectiveness for Recall-Oriented Information Retrieval: A Patent Retrieval Case Study (G. Jones)
  • Ed McGuinness, Role of delay differential equations in modelling low level HIV viral load (M. Crane & H. Ruskin)
  • Tsuyoshi Okita, Word Alignment and Smoothing Methods in Statistical Machine Translation: Noise, Prior Knowledge and Overfitting (J. Van Genabith)
  • Edel O'Connor, Trust and Reputation in Multi-Modal Sensor Networks for Marine Environmental Monitoring (A. Smeaton & N. O'Connor)
  • Neill Sweeney, Applying Machine Learning Techniques to an Imperfect Information Game (D. Sinclair)
  • Joachim Wagner, Detecting Grammatical Errors with Treebank-Induced, Probabilistic Parsers (J. Foster & J. Van Genabith)
  • Mingxue Wang, A Policy Based Governance Framework for Cloud Service Process Architectures (C. Plaus)
  • Peng Wang, Semantic Interpretation of Events in Lifelogging (A. Smeaton)
  • Kosala Gamini Yapa Mudiyanselage, Ontology Based Contextualization and Context Constraints Management in Web Service Processes (C. Plaus)


  • Manuel Charlemagne, Pairings in cryptology: efficiency, security and applications (M. Scott)
  • Luis Julian Dominguez Perez, Developing an automatic generation tool for cryptographic pairing functions (M. Scott)
  • Yvette Graham, Deep Syntax in Statistical Machine Translation (J. Van Genabith)
  • Natalie Schluter, Treebank-Based Deep Grammar Acquisition for French Probabilistic Parsing Resources (J. Van Genabith)
  • Owen Foley, Information Quality and Diverse Information Systems Situations (M. Helfert)
  • Rejwanul Haque, Integrating Source-Language Context into Log-Linear Models of Statistical Machine Translation (A. Way)
  • Yifan He, The Integration of Machine Translation and Translation Memo (A. Way & J. Van Genabith)
  • Mark Hughes, A Framework for Automated Landmark Recognition in Community Contributed Image Corpora (G. Jones)
  • Ezekiel Justin Kachisa, Constructing Suitable Ordinary Pairing-friendly Curves: a case of elliptic curves and genus two hyperelliptic curves (M. Scott)
  • Liadh Kelly, PhD Context Driven Retrieval Algorithms for Semi-Structured Personal Lifelogs (G. Jones)
  • Jun Liu, The XFM View Adaptation Mechanism: An Essential Component for XML Data Warehouses (M. Roantree)
  • Gerard Marks, A Node Partitioning Strategy for Optimising the Performance of XML Queries (M. Roantree)
  • Declan McMullen, A Framework for the Assembly and Delivery of Multimodal Graphics in E-Learning Environments (D. Fitzpatrick)
  • Sergio Penkale, Incorporating Translation Quality-Oriented Features into Log-Linear Models of Machine Translation (A. Way)
  • Alina Sirbu, Gene Regulatory Network Modelling with Evolutionary Algorithms - An Integrative Approach (M. Crane & H. Ruskin)


  • Andrew Errity, Exploring the Dimensionality of Speech using Manifold Learning and Dimensionality Reduction Methods.. (J. McKenna)
  • Bipin Kumar, High Performance Computing for Multiphase Fluid Flows. (M. Crane & Y. Delaure)
  • John Tinsley, Resourcing Machine Translation with Parallel Treebanks.. (A. Way)
  • Naomi Benger, Cryptographic Pairings: Efficiency and DLP Security (M. Scott)
  • Shuib Bin Basri, Software Process Improvements in Very Small Entities (R. O'Connor)
  • Neil Costigan, Elliptic Curve Cryptography on Modern Processor Architectures (M. Scott)
  • Veronica Gacitua Decar, Graph-based Pattern Matching and Discovery for Process-centric Service Architecture Design and Integration (C. Plaus)
  • Ciaran Kelly, PhD Design and Characterisation of a Novel Artificial Life System Incorporating Hierarchial Selection (D. O'Brien & B. McMullin)
  • Barry Kirkpatrick, Spectral Discontinuity in Concatenative Speech Synthesis - Perception, Join Costs and Feature Transformations (D. O'Brien & R. Scaife)
  • Rosemary Monahan, Data Refinement in Object-Oriented Verification (J. Morris)
  • Caroline Sheedy, Privacy Enhanced Protocols using Pairing Based Cryptography (S. Blott)


  • Aiden Doherty, Providing Effective Memory Retrieval Cues through Automatic Structuring and Augmentation of a Lifelog of Images. (A. Smeaton)
  • Thomas Conlon, Alternative Risk Management:Correlation and Complexity. (M. Crane & H. Ruskin)
  • Justin Daly, Stability-Based, Random Matrix Theory Filtering of Financial Portfolios. (M. Crane & H. Ruskin)
  • Cameron Ross Dunne, An Architecture and Protocol, an Access Control Model, and a Sighting Blurring Algorithm for Improving Users' Security in the context of Location Based Services Operating on the Internet. (D. Gray)
  • Mouzhi Ge, Information Quality Assessment and Effects on Inventory Decision-Making.(M. Helfert)
  • Bernard Gorman, Imitation Learning through Games: Theory, Implementation and Evaluation. (M. Humphrys)
  • Yuqing Guo, Treebank-Based Acquisition of Chinese LFG Resources for Parsing and Generation. (J. Van Genabith)
  • Hany Mohamed Hassan, Lexical Syntax for Statistical Machine Translation. (A. Way & K. Sima’an)
  • Gráinne Kerr, Computational Analysis of Gene Expression Data. (M. Crane & H. Ruskin)
  • James Lanagan, Social Impact Retrieval: Measuring Author Influence on Information Retrieval. (A. Smeaton)
  • Yanjun Ma, Constrained Word Alignment Models for Statistical Machine Translation. (A. Way)
  • Mark Melia, Constraint-based Validation of e-Learning Courseware. (C. Pahl)
  • Nazlena Mohamad Ali, Design, Deployment and Assessment of a Movie Archive System in a Film Studies Context. (A. Smeaton)
  • Ines Rehbein, Treebank-Based Grammar Acquisition for German. (J. Van Genabith)
  • Elaine Ui Dhonnchadha, Part-of-Speech Tagging and Partial Parsing for Irish using Finite-State Transducers and Constraint Grammar. (J. Van Genabith)
  • Peter Wilkins, An Investigation into Weighted Data Fusion for Content-Based Multimedia Information Retrieval. (A. Smeaton)
  • Ventsislav Zhechev, Automatic Generation of Parallel Treebanks: An Efficient Unsupervised System (A. Way)


  • Ronan Barrett, Investigations into the Model Driven Design of Distribution Patterns for Web Service Compositions. (C. Pahl)
  • Puspita Deo, Heterogeneous Motorised Traffic Flow Modelling using Cellular Automata. (H. Ruskin)
  • Yaw Bimpeh, Statistical Modelling and Inference for Financial Auditing. (J. Horgan)
  • Grzegorz Chrupala, Towards a Machine-Learning Architecture for Lexical Functional Grammar Parsing. (J. VanGenabith)
  • Colum Patrick Foley, Division of Labour and Sharing of Knowledge for Synchronous Collaborative Information Retrieval. (A. Smeaton & C. Gurrin)
  • Sinead McGivney, Evaluation of the Influence of Personality Types on Performance of Shared Tasks in a Collaborative Environment. (A. Smeaton)
  • Niall McMahon, The Mechanics of Drug Dissolution - A Demonstration of the Potential of Mathematical and Numerical Methods for Solving Flow-related Problems in Pharmaceutics. (M. Crane) & (H. Ruskin)
  • Sara Jane Morrissey, Data-Driven Machine Translation of Sign Languages. (A. Way)
  • James Thomas Murphy, Autonomous Agent-Based Modelling of Resistance Frequencies in Pathogenic Bacteria. (R. Walsh & Marc Devocelle)
  • Karolina Owczarzak, A Novel Dependency-Based Evaluation Metric for Machine Translation. (J. VanGenabith & A. Way)
  • Dimitri Perrin, Multi-layered model of individual HIV infection progression and mechanisms of phenotypical expression. (M. Crane) & (H. Ruskin)


  • Ferguson, Paul, Index ordering by query-independent measures. (A. Smeaton)
  • Awad, George, A framework for sign language recognition using support vector machines and active learning for skin segmentation and boosted temporal sub-units. (A. Sutherland)
  • Camous, Fabrice, Ontology-based document representation for biomedical information retrieval. (S. Blott) & (A. Smeaton)
  • Whelan, Claire, Investigating power and fault analysis with specific application to bilinear pairings. (M. Scott)
  • Mellebeek, Bart, TransBooster: black box optimisation of machine translation systems. (J. VanGenabith & A. Way)
  • Kabir, Md. Humayun, Automatic inductive theorem proving and program construction methods using program transformation. (G. Hamilton)
  • O'Hare, Neil K, Semi-automatic person-annotation in context-aware personal photo collections. (A. Smeaton)
  • Ward, Monica, The integration of CL resources in CALL for Irish in the primary school context. (J. VanGenabith
  • Koller, Thomas, Design, development, implementation and evaluation of a purilingual ICALL system for romance languages aimed at advanced learners. (J. VanGenabith & M. Ward)
  • Chan, Ching Hau, Affect-based indexing and retrieval of multimedia data. (G. Jones)
  • Barat, Ana, Probabilistic models for drug dissolution. (M. Crane) & (H. Ruskin)
  • Judge, John, Adapting and developing linguistic resources for question answering. (A. Cahill & J. VanGenabith)
  • Groves, Declan, Hybrid data-driven models of machine translation. (A. Way)
  • Ó hÉigeartaigh, Colm, Pairing computation on hyperelliptic curves of genus 2. (M. Scott)


  • Burke, Michael, Automatic treebank annotation for the acquisition of LFG resources. (J. VanGenabith & A. Way)
  • Coleman, Gerard, Investigating software process in practice : a grounded theory perspective. (R. O'Connor)
  • Doris, Thomas, Computational models of cognition. (A. Way)
  • Gaughan, Georgina, Novelty detection in video retrieval : finding new news in TV news stories. (A. Smeaton)
  • Gunning, Patricia, Stratification of skewed populations. (J. Horgan)
  • Harford, Steven, Content-based retrieval of melodies using artificial neural networks. (M. Humphrys)
  • McCullagh, Noel, Crytographic applications of bilinear maps. (M. Scott)
  • O'Donovan, Ruth, Automatic extraction of large-scale multilingual lexical resources. (J. VanGenabith & A. Way)
  • Sharkasi, Adel, The characterisation of international stock markets using signal processing techniques. (M. Crane) & (H. Ruskin)


  • Browne, Paul, Video Retrieval Using Objects and Ostensive Relevance Feedback. (A. Smeaton)
  • Burns, John, Emergent Networks in Immune System Shape Space. (H. Ruskin)
  • Candebat, Thibault, A Secure Architecture enabling End-User Privacy in the context of Commercial Wide-Area Location-enhanced Web Services. (D. Gray)
  • Gough, Nano, Example-Based Machine Translation using the Marker Hypothesis. (A. Way)
  • Hearne, Mary, Data-Oriented Models of Parsing and Translation. (A. Way)
  • McCaul, Barry, Predictive Text-entry in Immersive Environments. (A. Sutherland)
  • Quinn, Noreen, Modelling lactation and liveweight curves in Irish dairy cows. (L. Killen)
  • McDonald, Kieran, Discrete language models for video retrieval. (A. Smeaton)


  • Becarevic, Damir, An Object Query Language for Multimedia Federations. (M. Roantree)
  • Cahill, Aoife, Parsing with Automatically Acquired, Wide-Coverage, Robust, Probabilistic LFG Approximations. (J. VanGenabith & A. Way)
  • Ye, Jiamin, Aggregated Feature Video Retrieval for MPEG-7 via Clustering (A. Smeaton)


  • Aziz, Benyamin Y. Y., A Static Analysis Framework for Security Properties in Mobile and Cryptographic Systems. (G. Hamilton)
  • Judge, Miriam, Introducing ICT into the Irish School System: An exploratory study of the impact of innovative technology models on schools participating in the Schools IT 2000 SIP Initiative. (H. Ruskin)
  • Kelleher, John, A Perceptually Based Computational Framework for the Interpretation of Spatial Language. (J. VanGenabith & F. Costello & M. Humphrys)
  • Shamaie, Atid, Hand Tracking and Bimanual Movement Understanding. (A. Sutherland)
  • Wang, Ruili, Modelling Unsignalised Traffic Flow with reference to Urban and Interurban Networks. (H. Ruskin)


  • Gurrin, Cathal, Evaluation of Linkage-Based Web Discovery Systems (A. Smeaton)
  • O'Hara, Noel, Hierarchical Imposters for FLocking Algorithm in 3D (M. Scott)
  • Power, Norah, A Grounded Theory of Software Requirements Documentation (T. Monyihan)
  • Sødring, Thomas, Content-Based Retrieval of Digital Music (A. Smeaton)
  • Wu, Hai, Gesture Recognition using Principal Component Analysis, Multi-scale Theory and Hidden Markov Models (A. Sutherland)


  • Clarke, Siobhán, Composition of Object-Oriented Software Design Models.(J.Murphy)
  • Egan, Alan, Stability and Efficiency of Passive Dynamic Walker with Torso and Simple Controller.(M. Scott)
  • Lee, Hyowon, User Interface Development and Evaluation for Keyframe-Based Video Content Browsing.(A. Smeaton)


  • Darragh O'Brien. Concatenative Speech Synthesis Based on a Harmonic Model (Dr. A. Monaghan)


  • Fitzpatrick, Donal. Towards Accessible Technical Documents: Production of Speech and Braille Output from Formatted Documents.(Dr. A. Monaghan)
  • Manso-Cortes, Oscar. R2PC: Fault-Tolerance Made Easy. (D.Sinclair)


  • Allen, Robert.  Computer Integrated Assistive Technology Systems for Disabled Peoples.  (M. O'hEigeartaigh)
  • Hammad, Abdelhakeem. Cellular Automata Models for Traffic flow in Urban Networks.  (H. Ruskin)


  • Davern, Paul The application of stenography to fractal image compression (M. Scott)
  • Feng, Yu Computer Modelling of Complex (Many-cell) Systems with Applications in Physics and Related Areas (H. Ruskin)
  • Kelledy, Fergus Fast Retrieval Strategies on Large Text Collections. (A. Smeaton)
  • Mushi, Allen Application of the Theory of Polyhedral Combinatorics to the Resource Levelling Problem. (M. O'hEigeartaigh)


  • Kiernan, Paul Two-dimensional minimum free energy autoregressive parametric modelling and spectral estimation. (M. Scott)


  • Power, James. Institutional approaches to programming language specification. (T. Monyihan)
  • Richardson, Ray. A semantic-based approach to information processing. (A. Smeaton)
  • Shafa'amry, Moutasem. The design of a secure data communication system (M. Scott)
  • Wang, Bang. A study of mobile robot motion planning. (C. Daly)


  • McCarren, Andrew L. Modelling piezo-spectroscopic data. (H. Ruskin)


  • Sinclair, David. Load balancing in parallel and distributed systems (M. O'hEigeartaigh)


  • Comiskey, Catherine. Mathematical Models for the Transmission Dynamics of HIV and its Progression to AIDS in Ireland.
    (H. Ruskin /A.Wood(Maths.)