The Cost of Education

Actually it can be quite cheap.

Research Positions Available in CloudCORE (Application deadline: 20th of September 2011.)

Research positions, School of Computing, DCU in collaboration
with IBM Dublin Research Lab.

The CloudCORE Research Centre in Dublin City University and the SCI-SYM Research Centre in Dublin City University in collaboration with the newly established IBM Dublin Research Lab is seeking postdoctoral fellows to work in the areas of autonomic management of extreme scale computational infrastructures, extreme scale agent-based modelling of financial systemsv and multi scale modelling.

The Tech-Sounding Math-Free Degree!

Surely the solution to all our problems! Maths is completely broken at 2nd level, we are not in a position to fix it, so go with the flow and extract all math content from our 3rd and 4th level courses!

The Media & Mathematics

How often do you hear a media professional say something like “Sure I was brutal at Mathematics at school – hated it with a vengeance - hahaha..”,

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