Very Reduced Instruction Set

Just how small can a computer instruction set get? 32 instructions? 16?

Zhengwei Qiu - PhD Transfer Talk - 3rd June 2011

TITLE : Detecting and Utilising Important moments for Personal Information Management


Mathematics? What's that?

We are always getting surveyed about one thing or another, but sometimes you wait in vain for some-one to carry out a particular survey. What I am waiting for is for some-one to ask 1000 Irish people, equipped only with pen, paper, a comfortable table and chair, and 10 minutes of time (no calculator allowed), to divide 1104 by 23 and get the right answer. I bet less than 20% could do it.

Business Informatics Challenge 2011in Muncie, Indiana, USA: Great Success!!!

Business Informatics Group (DCU) in conjunction with Ball State University (Muncie, Indiana, USA) organized this year’s IBIC2011 – 6th International Business Informatics Challenge 2011. The conference was held at Ball State University from Thursday, May 26 to Saturday, May 28, 2011.

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