Ph.D. Studentship Available on Parallelisation of Programs

A Ph.D. studentship based in Lero at DCU is available for 4 years in

the area of program parallelisation.

Googling for code

You need a piece of code to implement a very standard algorithm. You could write it yourself, but instead you Google for it. No need to re-invent the wheel you say to yourself. Then frustration sets in..

Neil Costigan Talk 20th May 2011 - University Start-ups / Story & Lessons

"Commercialising university research - some insights on the road from idea
to venture funding."

Neil Costigan (ex-DCU student)

Friday 20th May, L2.21, Computer Building, 11.00am

Securing the Cloud

The potential benefits of cloud computing are amazing. Imagine for example your medical records being in the cloud, accessible immediately from anywhere in an emergency...

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