And the good news is..

There are fantastic employment opportunities in Ireland for good software engineering graduates.

The problem with students is..

Now you won't ever hear a politician criticize the electorate, and neither are you often likely to hear academics criticize students, but..

Using JUnit4 to executing multiple tests with different test cases

The Parameterized feature in JUnit 4 allows you run execute the same test with multiple test cases.

But what if we want to execute different tests, each with a different set of test cases?

Something doesn't compute..

Premise: Here in Ireland the economy is in terrible shape. In the UK the economy is in bad shape. Here at third level we have introduced a ban on recruitment and promotion, and increased the student registration fee to €2000. In the UK they are implementing across the board cuts (Queen's University Belfast - QUB - is threatened with losing 25% of its staff - see, and student fees have been raised up to £9000.

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