Where are our brightest and best?

In a shed with their arm half way up a cows arse.

EU Workshop for TRICE

Markus Helfert and Ray Walshe present WP5

School of Computing, Dublin City University hosts EU Workshop for TRICE (Teaching, Research and Innovation in Computer Education) 25th Feb 2011, Dublin, IRELAND

Markus Helfert and Ray Walshe (WP5 Leaders for the TRICE Project) addressed the consortium members on the project status.

Top down or bottom up?

Scott's law (well one of them). Some-one operating within a hierarchy believes in top-down control from their own position downwards, and bottom up control from their own position upwards.

Priviliged or Talented?

It seems in this country we often mistake privilege for talent. I was just listening to two brothers on the radio who were clearly priviliged but not nearly so obviously talented - although they and their interviewer were assuming that they were. It actually must be a particular burden on the children of the talented - there is an expectation that talent is inherited, when often it is not

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