Top down or bottom up?

Scott's law (well one of them). Some-one operating within a hierarchy believes in top-down control from their own position downwards, and bottom up control from their own position upwards.

Priviliged or Talented?

It seems in this country we often mistake privilege for talent. I was just listening to two brothers on the radio who were clearly priviliged but not nearly so obviously talented - although they and their interviewer were assuming that they were. It actually must be a particular burden on the children of the talented - there is an expectation that talent is inherited, when often it is not



Yesterday was my day for meeting Presidents.  First at DCU where the new president  of the university Brian McCraith visited our school of computing, and then a quick dash down to Trinity to meet  Jef Teugels, the President of the International Statistical Institute (ISI).    Jeff is in town to meet the Local Committee of the  ISI World Congress which is to held in Dublin Aug 21st –26th  2011.  The Congress  will be attended by more than 5,000 delegates from all over the world, and the main events will be held  at the new convention centre.

Making the transition from 2nd level to 3rd level

To succeed in 2nd level, students must master the process of memorisation and regurgitation. Which does I guess result in a type of education and certainly prepares them adequately for the Leaving Certificate exams. Of course a subject like mathematics does not fit easily with the memorisation/regurgitation approach, but even it can be represented and examined by a kind of memorised pattern matching. Questions come in an expected format and a memorised sequence of steps gets you to the right answer (you hope).

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