Main Contacts


Name Job Title Room Telephone
Prof. Martin Crane Head of School L1.21 +353-1-7008974

Dr. Cathal Gurrin

Dr. Andrew McCarren

Deputy Head of School

Asst. Head for Research & Engagement 





Dr. Monica Ward

Asst. Head for Learning Innovation & Programme Development 

L1.05 +353-1-7008719
Mr. Jim Doyle Manager of Technical Services L1.13 +353-1-7005350
Ms. Michele Pringle Faculty  Manager L1.31 +353-1-7008181
Ms Patricia White School of Computing Secretary L1.21 +353-1-7008980
Ms. Anne Daly ADAPT Research Centre Secretary L2.17 +353-1-7006700
Ms. Aine Nolan Marketing  Faculty Senior Admin  Officer  N1.13 +353-1-7008709
Dr. Breda Kiernan INSIGHT Centre Manager L2.39B +353-1-7007931


Undergraduate Course Contacts


Name Job Title Room Telephone
Dr. John McKenna CPSSD Programme Chair L2.47 +353-1-7008056
Dr. Donal Fitzpatrick EC Programme Chair L2.54 +353-1-7008929
Dr. Marija Bezbradica 1st Year Co-ordinator L2.30 +353-1-7005260
Dr. Stephen Blott CA Programme Chair L1.05 +353-1-7005984
Ms. Jane Kernan  2nd Year Co-ordinator L2.52 +353-1-7008973
Mr. Renaat Verbruggen EC 4th Year Co-ordinator L2.42 +353-1-7005234
Dr. David Sinclair CA / EC 3rd Year Co-ordinator L2.29 +353-1-7005510
Dr. Paul Clarke CA 4th Year Co-ordinator L2.27 +353-1-7007021
Dr. Suzanne Little DS Programme Chair L2.37 +353-1-7006052


Postgraduate Programme Chairs


Name Job Title Room Telephone
Mr. Renaat Verbruggen M.Sc. in Computing Chair L2.43 +353-1-7005257
Dr. Cathal Currin M.Sc. in Electronic Commerce (Technical) L2.42 +353-1-7005234
Dr. Rob Brennan Data Protection & Privacy Chair L2.44 +353-1-7006008
Prof.Mark Roantree M.Sc Futurelearn Chair L2.34 +353-1-7005636


Postgraduate Course Contacts


Name Job Title Room Telephone
Dr. Andrew Mcarren MCM Practicums Co-ordinator L2.49 +353-1-7008929
Dr. Cathal Gurrin MECT/MECB Practicums Co-ordinator L2.42 +353-1-7005234