Student Webspace & PHP

With your School of Computing Linux account, you will be able to publish web content (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP). Please note: replace gctest with your School of Computing username!


In your Linux home directory, you have a public_html folder where you put all your web content. For example, if you create the following HTML page:

<h2>My GCTEST homepage</h2>

And save it as index.html in your public_html folder (e.g. /users/tutors/gctest/public_html/index.html), you can view it in a browser from our student server:


You can also write and save PHP files into your public_html folder and they will be rendered on our student server. For example, if you create the following PHP file:

print("<h2>Hello PHP world!</h2>");

Save it as hello.php in your public_html folder. It will be rendered by the student server by requesting the PHP file through a browser: