AIPO Contestants find out about exciting Development Opportunities with Fidelity Investments

AIPO Fidelity VisitThe All Ireland Programming Olympiad is in its final stages to find out who will represent Team Ireland in the International Olympiad in Kazakhstan. Fidelity Investments have been supporting this event for over four years and continue to invest on our young Irish programming talent.

The group had the opportunity to visit the Fidelity office in Dublin, where they got an insight and understanding of the agile process they employ in product development. They had the opportunity to meet some of the staff working in various roles within the technology organisation and to hear more about what their roles entail. A number of speakers are recent university graduates and seem to be really enjoying their career journey with Fidelity so far. Most have had the opportunity to travel for business meetings or training. Some of the places they have visited were Boston, Tokyo, Stockholm and one even had the chance to go to Disneyland Florida for a business trip!

AIPO Fidelity VisitFidelity has always invested in many DCU students and the group were lucky enough to meet two current DCU Computer Applications students, Andrew and Ciara, who are currently on their internship. Both spoke very highly about their experience and how much Fidelity Investments is at the cutting edge of technology. It was interesting to listen to Robert Halion, a web designer, explain how his design background from NCAD plays an important role within the user experience design team.  He explained how this role has an important part to play interacting and fitting within the structure of the company.  User design is crucial to staying ahead of the competition.  Front end engineering is a huge area in need of people and this will continue to grow into the future.

Ciara O’Mahony, a Systems Analyst, explained how the role of a systems/business analyst works within the technology sector acting between client and developers. She needs to understand what the user wants and communicates these requirements to the development team, researching and liaising with client and developers the whole way through to development and testing of product.  Her colleague Bryan Kenneally, a software engineer, talked about how it is so important for the team to collaborate throughout the coding process. Alison Quigley, spoke about her role in quality and assurance, testing the services that are behind the front user. 

Mike Flynn, a DCU graduate, has been with Fidelity since 2000 and plays a key role as development architect.  Mike explained his role as a software engineer and how he has the opportunity to work with lots of new technologies. 

It was a super evening for everyone and a Senior Vice President of Fidelity Investments made a video conference call from Salt Lake City to welcome the team and wish them the very best in the competition.

The evening finished with a tour of their fabulous hi tech building and pizza!

Best of luck to all the AIPO team and thanks to Fidelity Investments for their continued support.