ComputeTY 2018 - Fidelity Invest in future IT students

ComputeTY Winners with FidelityYet again 2018 delivered another successful  ComputeTY programme for many transition year students who attended.

ComputeTY is a transition year programme that allows students to visit the campus for one week to learn computer programming, web design and android app development.  It runs for three weeks every year with approximately 380 TY students on campus.

With the finanical assistance of Fidelity Investments Ireland this year, students showcased their own fully fledged websites, game apps and python programming skills at the end of the week. BBC Microbits where presented to the best students to help them to continue exploring their technical skills. Recent graduates employed on the Fidelity Leap programme gave insightful talks to the students at prizegiving, charted their own journey through CAO choices to the world of IT. Each of them emphaised the huge opportunities in the IT sector for all types of university graduates and encouraged the students to consider the sector when they came to making their CAO choices.

Prof. Rory O’Connor, Head of School of Computing said “We are delighted this year to have the support of Fidelity Investments who also support us in many other successful outreach programmes.  By having them on board it allows us to continue to innovate and improve the entire programme. This year we were in a position to purchase new android devices for the entire App lab, meaning every student was provided a device to use for the full week"

Tadhg O’Shea from Fidelity Investments said “We are very happy to support this programme for secondary school students submerging them into the World of IT in a fun and interesting way.  It also allows us the opportunity to meet with them and demonstrate how the World of IT is far wider than software engineering.  There are numerous opportunities waiting for these type of students in the future and to have the opportunity to share them now is a great advantage

Many of the students who have attended ComputeTY in the past have come back to DCU to study Computing or Engineering and going forward for 2019 there are ongoing plans to further enhance and improve the programme overall.

For more information on ComputeTY contact Christine Stears 7005237 or Christine.stears @