DCU and Trinity go head to head in UKIEPC

UKIEPC 2015 DCU teamThe School of Computing, DCU was again the Irish host site for the UK & Ireland Intercollegiate Programming Competition on Saturday 24th October. Seven DCU college teams were up against seven Trinity college teams in this 5 hours algorithmic coding challenge generously sponsored by Google Ireland.

The UKIEPC is a sub-regional competition of the North West European Programming Competition (NWERC) and ultimately the prestigious ACM ICPC contest. This year there were 150 teams, totaling 400 students from 20 different universities around the UK and Ireland pitting their wits against a common problem set. Each team had to solve as many problems as possible in the shortest period of time, with time penalties added for every incorrect solution submitted.

UKIEPC 2015 WinnersIn Ireland, with Google Chromecasts up for grabs for the top three teams plus DCU v Trinity bragging rights, tensions were high throughout the day. As is the tradition, the scoreboard is frozen for the last hour of the competition and at that stage two DCU (CPSSD) teams and two Trinity (CS) teams were on level pegging with 3 problems each. However, once the competition was finished and the final scoreboard was revealed it showed that the fearsomely name 'TCD Team 1' had managed to crack a fourth problem with 4 minutes to go on the clock! This moved them into the outright winning position and with nothing left in the DCU team 'N Factorial', TCD grabbed 1st place.


Final results were:

  • 1st: TCD Team 1 (TCD)
  • 2nd: N Factorial (DCU)
  • 3rd: Ariel (TCD)
  • 4th: cat /dev/urandom >> p1.cpp (DCU)

With the visual scoreboard of coloured balloons handed out for each problem solved and pizzas delivered and devoured for lunchtime, everyone enjoyed the day and are already looking forward to next year!

Photos of the event can be seen here:


Many thanks for Google Ireland for the generous sponsorship and to the School of Computing for hosting the event.

Problem set, test data and solutions: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8zAOBDFU39pWjdNaXhMR19uZUk&usp=...

Full scoreboard:

UKIEPC Final Standings