Software that helps to keep first-year students on track


All colleges help first-year students adapt, so they don’t get overwhelmed or drop out. A novel project at DCU uses data to predict performance and sends students helpful weekly emails

Students may find their first few months at college a shock to the system, having been minded by parents and teachers through school.

With newfound freedom and no one to check their homework, make them go to lectures or point them in the general direction of the library, it’s no surprise students might find themselves overwhelmed with all the autonomy.

Ireland's Best Young Computer Programmers Win a Trip to Compete at the Olympics of Programming

AIPO IOI Team 2015After several rigorous selection rounds, team Ireland has been chosen after a 3 day bootcamp in DCU to attend the prestigious International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).

Essentially the Olympics of high school computer programming, the IOI is attended by over 80 countries showcasing their brightest young talent. Four teenagers from the around the country will travel on a trip of a lifetime to meet up with over 300 students from around the world at the 27th IOI in Almaty, Kazakhstan at the end of July. They’ve come a long way to reach this stage and it’s testament to their passion and commitment to programming.

This is the final stage of the All-Ireland Programming Olympiad (AIPO) which is sponsored by Fidelity Investments and hosted by the School of Computing, DCU. The lucky students who will represent Ireland at the IOI in Kazakhstan are:

  • Áron Hoffman, Luttrellstown Community College, Dublin
  • Daniel Mulcahy, Gonzaga College, Dublin
  • Noah Donnelly, Our Lady's Secondary, Monaghan
  • Teofil Camarasu, Dundalk Grammar School, Louth

Insight at the fore of Learning Analytics


In a recently published article with, Professor Alan Smeaton discusses the advanced learning analytics that Insight Centre for Data Analytics are applying to help individual students in their progression through first year undergraduate degrees.

In the first semester of the last academic year 1,200 students in DCU signed up to PredictEd a weekly email alert service that predicts what their exam result will be, based on their level of engagement with course material online.

Students who opted to receive the alerts performed better in their exams compared to those who opted not to receive the alerts, with a net increase of 3% in exam marks, based only on the weekly alerts across 10 different modules. For one module, Business Mathematics, the improvement in exam performance was 8%.

AIPO Contestants find out about exciting Development Opportunities with Fidelity Investments

AIPO Fidelity VisitThe All Ireland Programming Olympiad is in its final stages to find out who will represent Team Ireland in the International Olympiad in Kazakhstan. Fidelity Investments have been supporting this event for over four years and continue to invest on our young Irish programming talent.

The group had the opportunity to visit the Fidelity office in Dublin, where they got an insight and understanding of the agile process they employ in product development. They had the opportunity to meet some of the staff working in various roles within the technology organisation and to hear more about what their roles entail. A number of speakers are recent university graduates and seem to be really enjoying their career journey with Fidelity so far. Most have had the opportunity to travel for business meetings or training. Some of the places they have visited were Boston, Tokyo, Stockholm and one even had the chance to go to Disneyland Florida for a business trip!

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