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School of Computing Open Day 2010 Report

The School of Computing created an enjoyable event and received a strong turnout during the two Open Days. Friday was extremely busy with bus loads of students arriving and roaming the campus and Saturday there was a heavy presence of students and parents alike.

More specifically, we had approximately 350 students who attended our talks and approx. 800+ students enjoyed the game activities in our labs. There was a great buzz around the School and everyone seemed enthusiastic and motivated in what we had to show them.

School of Computing Open Day 2010

open day flyerDCU hosts their Open Day this coming Friday and Saturday 19th and 20th November. The School of Computing is looking forward to meeting students from all schools around the country. We've lots to show you so don't waste time when you get here... come on over for some fun!

  • How good is your balance? Check out our wobble board game and see for yourself, or, have a go on our dance mat, created by CLARITY our very own researchers here in the School.
  • Try out our game consoles and talk to our students in the DCU Games Society.
  • Meet the Redbrick gang, our DCU Computing Club.. see what interesting things they have to show you.


CSET Thesis in Three

The CSET Thesis in Three Final takes place this evening in the Sugar Club, Dublin 2 at 7.30pm (

Innovation DublinAs part of Innovation Dublin, CLARITY and the Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL) are co-ordinating a "CSET Thesis in Three" event, on Wednesday 17th November 2010 in the Sugar Club, at 7.30pm.

This event, ( will feature students from six SFI-funded Centres for Science, Engineering and Technology (CSETs) Clarity, CNGL, LERO, BDI, SBI and CRANN presenting their doctoral research in a series of concise, rapidly paced talks consisting of 3 slides of precisely one minute each. The presentations will cover the broad range of science, engineering and technology disciplines the CSETs are currently exploring in Ireland today. Essentially, each presentation is a PhD elevator pitch, and will open up current Irish research to a wider audience. There will be prizes for first, second and third.

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