Dr. Annalina Caputo

Assistant Professor, School of Computing, Dublin City University
Academic Lecturing
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ADAPT Research Centre
Research Interests: 
  • Intelligent Information Access
  • Text Representation and Information Retrieval
    • Temporal Dynamics
    • Personalised Information Retrieval
    • Semantic IR
    • Quantum IR
    • Cross-Language
    • Question Answering
  • Natural Language Processing
    • Word Sense Disambiguation
    • Distributional semantic models
    • Entity Linking
    • Diachronic Analysis


Selected Publications: 
My full list of pubblication on Google Scholar.
Bayomi, M., Caputo, A., Nicholson, M., Chakraborty, A. and Lawless, S. 2019. CoRE: A Cold-start Resistant and Extensible Recommender System. Proceedings of the 34th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing (New York, NY, USA, 2019), 1679–1682.
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Basile, P., Caputo, A., Ciano, M.D., Grasso, G., Rossiello, G. and Semeraro, G. 2017. SEPIR: a semantic and personalised information retrieval tool for the public administration based on distributional semantics. International Journal of Electronic Governance. 9, 1–2 (2017), 132–155.
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Narducci, F., Basile, P., Musto, C., Lops, P., Caputo, A., Gemmis, M. de, Iaquinta, L. and Semeraro, G. 2016. Concept-based item representations for a cross-lingual content-based recommendation process. Information Sciences. 374, (2016), 15–31.
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