Dr. Malika Bendechache


Lecturer/Assistant Professor

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ADAPT Research Centre
The Irish Software Engineering Research Centre (Lero)
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My research interests span the areas of Big data Analytic, Machine Learning, Data Governance & Management, Parallel & Distributed Systems, Intelligent Systems, Cloud/Edge/Fog Computing, Blockchain, Data Protection & Ethics, Security and Privacy.

Selected Publications: 

Bendechache, M., Svorobej, S., Takako Endo, P. and Lynn, T., 2020. Simulating Resource Management across the Cloud-to-Thing Continuum: A Survey and Future Directions. Future Internet12(6), p.95.

Bendechache, M., Sudhanshu Limaye, N. and Brennan, R., 2020. Towards an automatic data value analysis method for relational databases.

de Assis Neto, S.R., Santos, G.L., da Silva Rocha, E., Bendechache, M., Rosati, P., Lynn, T. and Endo, P.T., 2020. Detecting Human Activities Based on a Multimodal Sensor Data Set Using a Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Model: A Case Study. In Challenges and Trends in Multimodal Fall Detection for Healthcare (pp. 31-51). Springer, Cham.

Filelis-Papadopoulos, C.K., Endo, P.T., Bendechache, M., Svorobej, S., Giannoutakis, K.M., Gravvanis, G.A., Tzovaras, D., Byrne, J. and Lynn, T., 2020. Towards simulation and optimization of cache placement on large virtual content distribution networks. Journal of Computational Science39, p.101052.

Svorobej, S., Takako Endo, P., Bendechache, M., Filelis-Papadopoulos, C., Giannoutakis, K.M., Gravvanis, G.A., Tzovaras, D., Byrne, J. and Lynn, T., 2019. Simulating fog and edge computing scenarios: An overview and research challenges. Future Internet11(3), p.55.

Bendechache, M., Le-Khac, N.A. and Kechadi, M.T., 2017, August. Performance evaluation of a distributed clustering approach for spatial datasets. In Australasian Conference on Data Mining (pp. 38-56). Springer, Singapore.


My full list of publications can be found in Google Scholar.

Active Research Grants: 

SFI COVID19 Rapid Respense Grant:  

Investigate how people in Ireland feel about privacy and tracking during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The interdisciplinary project called PRIVATT will use machine learning to analyse the sentiment on Irish social media about privacy during COVID-19 and will explore how existing technological solutions, including those that have been implemented in other countries, can better protect our fundamental rights and be accepted by the Irish population.