Dr Rob Brennan

Currently: Assistant Professor, Funded Investigator SFI ADAPT Centre

Previously: BSc Applied Physics, DCU 1992, MSc Computational Science, QUB 1994, Project Leader in ISO-standards based start-up ISOCOR through IPO, Research Officer in Teltec telecomms research centre DCU, PhD in Electronic Engineering (telecoms software systems) DCU 2005, Senior Researcher in Ericsson Network Management Research Centre, Engineering Manager Balnagowan Broadband startup, Senior Research Fellow Knowledge and Data Engineering, Trinity College Dublin and while there I was the co-ordinator of the H2020 ALIGNED project on Aligned Software and Data Engineering 2014-2016.

Academic Lecturing
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ADAPT Research Centre
Research Interests: 

Data governance, data quality, data value, data integration using Semantic Web and Linked Data.

Selected Publications: 

See my full list of publications on Google Scholar.

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Active Research Grants: 

2019-2020 Formal Collaborator EI Commercialisation Fund project: ARK Access Risk Knowledge (aviation safety governance knowledge bases)

2018-19 Co-PI ADAPT-Wolters Kluwer spokes project: ontology-assisted IR for legal search

2018-20 H2020 EDGE Fellowship mentor - Optimus Chain, optimising data value chains

2017-18 EI Innovation Voucher - MyVolts Ltd.

2017-19 IRC GoI Fellowship mentor - Data quality recommender systems

2016-19 Co-PI ADAPT-Ordnance Survey Ireland spokes project: data.geohive.ie National Linked Data Geospatial Infrastructure

2015-20 Funded Investigator SFI ADAPT Research Centre, Data Governance (Quality and Value)