Course Structure

The programme is on a full-time basis over one academic year, with ten taught modules being offered over two twelve-week semesters. Each module consists of lectures, tutorials, seminars and laboratory sessions, as appropriate. Examinations, where applicable, take place in mid-January for Semester 1 subjects and in mid-May for Semester 2 subjects.

The content of the programme is represented in the tables below, with links to the fuller module descriptions available on the DCU Intranet only.

Module Code Module Name Semester Credit Module Description
CA591 Object-Oriented Programming 1 7.5 Object-Oriented programming using Java
CA669 Web Design and Implementation 1 7.5 This module will introduce students to the architecture and workings of the world wide web, aspects of web programming as well as the architecture and design of web sites
CA662 Database Design 1 7.5 Database design using SQL
CA680 Data Management and Architectures 1 7.5 This *new* module introduces architectures such as Service Oriented and Cloud architectures and involves detailed coursework with well known cloud services.
CA664 Advanced Programming 2 7.5 The implementation and use of various algorithms and data structures using Java
CA665 System & User Interaction Development 2 7.5 Principles and techniques associated with the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of user interfaces
CA651 Introduction to Networks & Op Systems 2 7.5 Introduction to basic networking technologies, internetworking and internet applications
CA668 eCommerce Infrastructure 2 7.5 Introduction to principles and technologies for eCommerce applications