Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (GDF)

Programme Introduction

Chair of Programme: Mr. Ray Walshe
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GDF pic DCU's Graduate Diploma in Information Technology is an in-depth skills conversion course aimed at those who wish to pursue a career in the Information Technology field but whose primary qualification lies in an area outside IT. This programme is suitable for recent graduates wishing to broaden their skills portfolio, and also for individuals already in full-time employment, who are seeking to obtain a recognised qualification in the IT area.


In response to the market's demand for qualified professionals in the IT sector today, the School of Computing in DCU includes an entry mechanism on to the Graduate Diploma. As a school we strongly believe and support lifelong learning and feel that everyone is entitled to the chance of gaining a third level education. For this reason the Graduate Diploma is now open to professionals in the IT sector who have no primary degree but have significant industrial experience and have shown a commitment to lifelong learning. This new entry mechanism takes into account the knowledge and skills that individuals have achieved while working in the IT sector.

Launched in 1996, the programme attracts graduates from a wide range of disciplines, including the arts, engineering, business, education and science, and provides students with an excellent grounding in IT and its related disciplines. Alongside excellent employment prospects, DCU's Graduate Diploma in Information Technology offers major fee support to EU students, and a strong practical focus aimed at developing graduates with the kind of personal and professional skills most sought after in the Information Economy.

Graduate Employment

The blend of skills developed in graduates makes them suitable for jobs wherever computing technology is employed, and that is in every sector of the economy. There is a particularly high demand for graduates who have the skills to apply computer technology to the practical problems of business and industry, as well as continuing opportunities for graduates who wish to pursue further studies leading to careers in research.

As a result, graduates of the programme have gone on to pursue a variety of careers in Ireland and abroad in areas such as teaching, sales, software design and development, computer support, and business analysis. Among the forms for whom our graduates work are AIB, Citibank, Ericsson, e-Spatial Solutions, SAP, Kadius, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan and Lucent Technologies.