M.Sc. in Electronic Commerce (MECB/MECT)

Programme Introduction

Chair of Programme: Dr. Cathal Gurrin
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Companies of all sizes and backgrounds are continually finding innovative applications for e-commerce, with new ways to develop, promote, advertise, distribute, sell and source products and services of all kinds. One of the key features of e-business, from a skills perspective, is that it predominantly requires people with a mix of skills of different types. The MSc in E-Commerce, which is jointly offered by the DCU Business School and School of Computing, is specifically designed to produce graduates with the multi-faceted skills required to operate successfully in this exciting and dynamic industry.

mecb mect pic Launched in Autumn 2000, the uniqueness of this Masters degree lies firmly in the interaction that is fostered between participants on its two Technical and Business streams. The programme goes further, however, than simply aiming to provide technologists with good business acumen, and business analysts with a technological perspective. Instead, it seeks to provide an educational process that promotes interaction between these two types of professional and encourages them to develop an entrepreneurial and innovative orientation. This is achieved in most part by the programme structure, which sees students of both streams following a common core curriculum, along with a number of modules particular to their stream. Alongside this extensive shared curriculum, the use of innovative teaching methods also contribute towards achievement of this goal. With funding support for EU citizens and a strong practical focus, DCU's MSc in E-Commerce has a wealth of attractive features for both recent graduates and those wishing to update their skills through full-time study.

Graduate Employment

The unique mix of skills developed in students of the programme makes them highly employable. This is true, not solely for high-tech sector jobs, but also for more traditional industries where graduates can develop new systems and processes to enable businesses to meet the needs of the New Economy. As a result, graduates have undertaken a variety of careers in Ireland and abroad as managers, business analysts, lecturers, e-marketing specialists, and e-business technologists, with such companies as Spectel, Daimler Chrysler, Danone, AIB, e-Spatial Solutions, Microsoft, IBM, Mars UK, JP Morgan and 3tl. Other graduates have gone on to develop their entrepreneurial talents.