Postgraduate Courses

We have two taught postgraduate programmes here in the School of Computing in DCU.

M.Sc. in Computing (MCM)

One Year Full-time/Two Years Part-time
PAC Code: DC836 (full-time) DC837 (part-time)

The M.Sc. in Computing offers a choice of Majors, designed to equip graduates with a range of cutting edge skills, which enable them to produce high quality software and systems that deliver solutions to business and the economy.

Exposed to the latest ideas and best industry practice, students gain the opportunity to hone analytical, creative and critical faculties, as well as acquire novel techniques and experience. The importance of a developed awareness of the professional responsibilities, required in the software engineering profession, is also emphasised.

M.Sc. in Electronic Commerce (MECT/MECB)

One Year Full-time
PAC Code: DC821

Featuring a common core curriculum with two distinct streams: a business stream and a technical stream, this programme is designed to produce the kind of e-business technologists, managers and entrepreneurs in greatest demand by the information economy. It does this by providing students on each stream with a powerful combination of technological and business skills of relevance to electronic commerce applications. A strong collaborative ethos across the business and technical tracks is fostered through the extensive shared curriculum, interactive teaching modes and overall entrepreneurial orientation. As a result, the graduates of this programme are equipped with multi-faceted skills required to operate successfully in the exciting and dynamic industry of e-commerce.