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Future Students

Suitably qualified prospective graduate research students are strongly encouraged to apply within the School; details of the application process can be found here.


In the School of Computing, we organise and host many international conferences.


  •  The 16th International Conference Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination (SPICE 2016), to be held in Dublin (DC) June 2016. Co-Chair R. O'Connor and P. Clarke.


Held in Belfast, UK, November 2-5 2014 

Co-Chair (Workshops): H. J. Ruskin (Sci-Sym (ModSci))

Held in Vilnius, Lithuania November 4-6, 2014

Proceedings Chair: R. O'Connor.

Held in DCU, August 23-29, 2014

Organised by CNGL.

Held in DCU, September 1-2, 2014

Held in Vasteras, Sweden 21st - 25th July 2014. 

Organising Committee: D. Perrin and R. Walshe (ModSci/CloudCore)

Programme Committee: A. Barat, J. Burns, M. Crane and H. J. Ruskin. (Sci-Sym (ModSci))

Held in Luxembourg, 25-27 June, 2014

Scientific programme co-chair: R. O’Connor.

March 26-28, 2014

Dates: January 6-10, 2014

Conference Co-Chair: M. Helfert (ModSci/BIG)

Conference Co-Chair: M. Helfert. (ModSci/BIG)

Conference Chair: M. Helfert.(ModSci/BIG)

Held in DCU

Held in Dublin and organised by CNGL (award winning conference)

Held in DCU and supported by Clarity

  • DS-RT 2012 held in Dublin, Ireland, Oct. 25th - 27th 2012

Publicity Chair: R. Walshe (CloudCore)

Programme Committee: H.J. Ruskin, R. Walshe, D. Perrin, K. Raghavan. (Sci-Sym(ModSci))

Organising Committee: R. Walshe, D. Perrin, J. Kernan (CloudCore/ModSci)

Programme Committee: M. Bezbradica. (Sci-Sym(ModSci))

Held in Dublin and supported by Clarity and CNGL

Held in the Helix, DCU and organised by CNGL

Organising Committee: M. Helfert, R. Walshe, (ModSci -BIG/CloudCore)

Held in Dublin and supported by Clarity

International Engagement

In the School of Computing, we collaborate with research groups from all over the world.

The Cloud Computing group collaborates with a number of universities world-wide through dedicated collaboration and mobility grants. This includes the University of Fortaleza, Brazil and Northeastern University, Shenyang, China supported by the Science Foundation Ireland, but also Edinburgh Napier University, UK, supported by a Royal Irish Academy/Royal Society grant.

Some other examples of recent collaborations follow.

ModSci Group. Apart from larger consortia (EU / ESF projects), these include:

Dr. A. Al-Sharkasi (Benghazi Univ., Libya) (Financial Market Analysis)

Dr. A. Barat (ICGR, France now RCSI) (Bioinformatics/Cancer/Integrative DA)

Dr. A. Huertas. Prof. M. esteller (IDIBELL, Univ. Barcelona, Spain) CIESCI project; Epigenetic DA

Dr. G. Kerr (Novartis, Switzerland) (Integrative Data Analysis/Bioinformatics)

Dr. J-A. Matos (Centro Matematica Aplicada, Porto) (Financial Market persistence)

Prof. R. Pandey (USM, USA) (Immune Response modelling/Viral Load)

Dr. D. Perrin (RIKEN, Japan) (Complexity/HPC/Computational Models Bio and Socio-systems)

Dr. I. Roznovat (EISBM, Lyon) (Computational Biology/CRC)

Dr. A. Sirbu (Univ. Turin, Italy) (Evolutionary Algorithms/GRNs)

Prof. J. Vilo (Univ. Tartu, estonia) CIESCI project: Epigenetics/Bioinformatics

Prof. R. Wang (Massey Univ., N.Z.) (Traffic Flow/Pattern Analysis)

*****Results- see publications etc.

Dependable Systems Group

Dr. B. Aziz (University of Portsmouth, UK) - security protocols.

Prof. Neil Jones (Copenhagen University, Denmark) - program transformation.

Dr. Morten Heine Sørensen (Formalit, Denmark) - program transformation.

Prof. Dominique Mery (Université Henri Poincaré, France) - formal methods.

Dr. Paul Gibson (IT SudParis, France) - formal methods.

Dr. Dahai Yu, Vision Intelligent Processing Lab, TOEC Gaosi Company, Tianjin, China

Prof. Junwei Han, School of Automation, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, China

Prof R. McClatchey, University of West England, UK 

Dr Li Zhang, Northeastern University, Shenyang, China 

Dr X. Liu, Edinburgh Napier University 

A. Ahmad, ITU Copenhagen 

Prof M. Ali Babar, Adelaide, Australia 

E. Lakew, University of Umea, Sweden 

Prof W. Hasselbring, University of Kiel, Germany 

M. Ghafari, Politechnico di Milano, Italy

Enterprise Opportunities

In the School of Computing, we are always open to engagement with enterprises. In particular, we are interested in partnerships with industry through state funded commercialisation grants,  innovation partnerships and innovation vouchers, industry sponsored PhD programmes, student placements and industry sponsored post-doctoral fellowships.

The CNGL Centre for Global Intelligent Content has engaged with hundreds of companies in Ireland beyond, ranging from indigenous start-ups to multinational enterprises. The Centre has significant commercial expertise, having generated seven spinout companies, multiple licences and a large number of applied research collaborations.

CNGL offers a customer-responsive R&D resource, which can range from general consulting services, to early research and product and development, through to late-stage decision support. These activities are supported by a dedicated Business Development Manager for corporate sponsors as well as a strong back-office team, experienced in facilitating all aspects of applied research sponsorship and collaboration from intellectual property management to product development and research management.

For full details of industry engagement and commercialisation opportunities at CNGL, visit

The Cloud Computing group engages with industry in Ireland, with both SMEs and multinationals. More than 30 companies are involved in the IC4 national cloud technology centre which focuses on industry-led, sprint-style research. Beyond this, the group has a range of applied targeted research projects and innovation activities with individual companies through commercialisation and innovation grants.

The ModSci research group, its umbrella centre (Sci-Sym) and affiliated subgroups, BIG and 3DVision have a track-record of industrial engagement and collaboration over a period of years, including examples of partnerships as above, as well as joint funding of research students under the Irish Research Council Enterprise Partnership Scheme. For details, visit  ENTERPRISE/ CONSULTANCY

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