Research Groups and Centres

Research Groups Affiliated Research Centres
The School of Computing is part of the Information and Technology and Digital Society hub, one of four set up by DCU under its Research and Innovation Strategy.

The five research groups in the School of Computing are broad-based disciplinary teams that reflect the expertise of the faculty and its identified research priorities.

Language and Cognition Group: research and development of applications in the areas of speech and language processing and artificial intelligence.
Dependable Systems Group: research on techniques, tools and processes for developing reliable and secure software.
Sensor Web Technologies Group: research on multi-modal analysis and interaction tools to extract and leverage useful information from multimedia data.
Modelling and Scientific Computing Group: research on computational models and methods in exploring the natural and artificial world through solutions to problems, which, because of their complexity, are intractable by conventional methods.
Cloud Computing Group: research in new trends and concepts for the management of hybrid cloud systems and to provide intelligent solutions for high throughput and computational problems utilising large-scale data in the cloud environment.

The five research centres in which we have a strong presence are large-scale, inter-disciplinary cross-cutting teams which increase external support for research, support knowledge transfer, and maximise the economic and social benefits, which Ireland and Irish industry gains from DCU's research.

ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology: research in digital content creation, transformation, translation, discovery, personalisation, analysis and delivery, with particular focus on language technology.

LERO Centre for Software Engineering: research on how to develop, modify, and enhance software, and on new techniques to allow software to enhance itself automatically, without risk to its performance, reliability, or security.
INSIGHT Centre for Data Analytics: research in data analytics that has significant impact on industry and society by enabling better decision-making.
SCI-SYM Centre for Scientific Computing and Complex Systems Modelling: research in high performance computing (HPC) applied to computational and mathematical models for complex and data-rich systems in engineering, natural and applied sciences.