Lluís Padró - Seminar Talk - 19th April 2013

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Research Seminar Talk
Lluís Padró

Title: FreeLing: Open-Source NLP

Abstract: Lluís Padró[1] is an associate professor and member of TALP Natural Language Processing Group[2] at the Department of Software[3] of the Technical University of Catalunya (UPC)[4].

He has dozens of publication in natural language processing and is currently involved in several projects about text processing, language understanding and knowledge extraction or machine translation.

He's the main developer, manager, maintainer and visible face of Freeling[5], an open-source suite of language analyzers which will be soon making it's 10 years anniversary.

During this talk, Lluís shares with us his experience about how Freeling, a software created in a research environment, has been turned into a successful open-source software project.

He reviews many aspects of the Freeling project such as: how was it created, which has been its evolution and main outputs, when, how and why was Freeling released as free/open-source software, which guidelines rule the project in terms of coding standards, documentation, community support, etc.


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