Transfer Talk - Suzanne McCarthy - 27th June 2018

Transfer Talk - Suzanne McCarthy - 27th June 2018

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Transfer Talk
Suzanne McCarthy

Title: A Lightweight ETL Framework for On Demand Queries


MyLifeBits - Jim Gremmel - 19th May 2018

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Guest Lecture
Jim Gremmel

Jim Gemmell of TROV ( will be in Insight tomorrow and he will give a talk at 3pm in HG.08. Jim was the co-author of ‘Total Recall’ with Gordon Bell, which is the first book that describes lifelogging (

Dr. Suzanne Little named in Silicon Republic's Pipeline Protectors

Girls Hack Ireland7th March 2018 - On International Women's Day, Dr. Suzanne Little from Insight and the School of Computing, has been named in Silicon Republic's list of female Pipeline Protectors for educating the next generation of STEM talent.

Along with her DCU colleagues, Dr Aoibhéann Bird of Insight and Ruth Kenealy (formly of Insight), Suzanne was listed along with 33 other female educators for addressing gender balance in the STEM pipeline and nurturing a new generation of women in STEM through education and outreach initiatives.

“Girls Hack Ireland addresses the challenge of cultivating … that science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) is inclusive of and rewarding for girls and women.” This is the core maxim of Girls Hack Ireland, an initiative started by Dr Joanne Dolan (more on her below) and later led by the three DCU colleagues.

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