B.Sc in Data Science (DC123)

Programme Introduction

Chair of Programme: Dr. Suzanne Little
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Understanding Data Science

The BSc in Data Science, the first of its kind in Ireland, is aimed at students who are interested a career in Big Data, data analytics and related data science roles. ‘Data Science’ is the study of information – where it comes from, what it tells us and how to turn it into a resource for business, government and social strategies. DCU is uniquely positioned to offer this course with proven strengths in computing, engineering, business and mathematics together with an enterprise-driven focus on innovation, applied problem solving and making a difference in the real-world.

This is a new, innovative degree programme designed to produce more graduates with the skill-sets necessary to fill the ICT skills gap and meet the demands of employers both at home and abroad. This programme will foster the 21st century skills espoused by DCU's Generation 21 initiative.

DataScience-studentsAbout You

This is the course if you are a curious investigator, a story-teller, and a problem-solver. Data drives the world we live in, and a data scientist’s job is to use computers to organise everything we know about the world, and communicate the importance to other people. The DCU BSc in Data Science is for everyone who has a curiosity about the world around us, and wants a role that helps advise key decision makers in business, government, and society. No prior computing experience is needed, we will take you from novice to programming expert.


The DCU BSc in Data Science is a unique programme focused on that combination of programming, mathematics and communication that creates valuable insight and professional expertise. The Degree has been developed in close collaboration between the university, global centers of research excellence (INSIGHT, ADAPT), and major industry players such as Accenture, AIB, and Intel. Students will learn theory in mathematics, statistics, programming, cloud technologies and machine learning. They will then apply that theory to industry- and socially- relevant scenarios using real-world data, and learn to communicate the results. The Qualification is very marketable, with global demand across numerous sectors, employed at high levels in commercial and other organisations.

The overall aim of the programme is to equip participants with the knowledge and abilities to enable them to apply the full spectrum of computing and analytical science and technology in the pursuit of discovering new information by identifying and validating patterns in data.

The main purpose of the programme is:

  • To provide a broad educational foundation for a career as a Data Scientist for the benefit of individual graduates;
  • To address an identified national shortfall and government prioritisation;
  • To further the development and engagement between the University and various enterprise partners at Irish, European and International levels;
  • To strengthen the presence and activities of the national research centres already based in DCU through their involvement and support of the proposed programme.
  • To offer a unique combination at undergraduate level between statistics and computer science, with a focus on communication skills.

What will I study?

BigDataIn first year you will study the fundamentals: mathematics, statistics, programming, and get a taste of the excitement of data analytics.

The second year will build on the first and add more data and more problem solving, including machine learning, visualisation, and data mining.

In third year, you will put these fundamentals to work on large data sets, on complex problems, and one real-world scenarios in our unique data science ‘pods’, where you will work with enterprises and cultural institutions on their data and with their people. The second half of third year is dedicated to an INTRA, where you will join a Data Science team in a large, data-driven organisation and gain real understanding of your future role.

In final year you will bring your skills and learning to tackle creative and practical solutions to complex problems. This will include more ‘pods’, the latest developments in programming, mathematics and data science, and a significant individual project showcasing your potential.

All students graduating from this NFQ Level 8 Honours Bachelors awards will receive the degree of Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science (BSc DS).

Future Careers → Data Scientist | Business Intelligence Analyst | Customer Insight Lead | Team Leader | Chief Data Scientist | Director of Analytics | Risk Analysist | Knowledge Engineer | Data Programmer |
In these areas → Finance | Healthcare | Telecommunications | Non-profit | Media | Retail | Manufacturing | Sport |

A Future Career

Data Scientists are regarded as one of the most in-demand roles in industry at the moment. Graduates can expect to find employment with companies such as Accenture, AIB, Bank of Ireland, OpenNet, and Intel, to name just a few potential employers. BS Data Science Graduates will play a key role in the future of business strategy, product development, marketing, as well as in areas of policy development.

After graduation, you can also pursue further studies at masters (M.Sc.) level or research at doctoral (Ph.D.) level either in Ireland, including at key research centres such as ADPT Centre for Digital Content and Insight Centre for Data Analytics, or abroad.

If you have an entrepreneurial flair, you will also be encouraged and supported to set up your own company and commercialise your ideas.