B.Sc in Computer Applications (DC121)

Programme Introduction

Chair of Programme: Dr. Steve Blott
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Preparing Highly Sought-after Graduates for a Successful Career in IT

Computing technology surrounds us in our everyday life now from the smartphone that wakes us to our car's GPS system to the social media webpage we post photos on, and is used for diverse applications such as the execution of banking transactions to securing our college place. As smart innovators continue to grow all facets of technology, such technology can help us tackle today's large, real-life problems in a wide range of applications (i.e. global climate modelling, search engine technology, multi-player online gaming etc).  As well as learning how computers work, how to master powerful computer programming languages (such as Java and C++) and software development, you will get an understanding of the technology behind computing-based products that surround us.



The B.Sc. in Computer Applications is a four-year degree that prepares graduates for a career in software development. Graduates will be able to design and implement software solutions for today's business environment.  In addition, the degree works in combination with DCU's Generation 21 Programme to prepare students for success in life (and especially in the workplace) to equip them with a set of personal skills to enable them to navigate the challenges of a dynamic, globalised society and an increasingly knowledge-based workplace.

Graduates will learn how to use techniques from disciplines, such as software engineering, databases, multimedia, computer graphics, artificial intelligence and computer security, to write computer programs that are used in the real world applications in computer games, financial services and mobile phones just to name a few.

The B.Sc. in Computer Applications has a strong practical focus. Graduates will learn how to apply the knowledge gained in the course and they will develop key practical skills. The degree incorporates a six month work placement (INTRA) to provide graduates with a greater in-depth understanding of how software is used in the modern commercial world.

Software Engineers and IT Graduates continue to be in great demand, not just in Ireland but globally and this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future.

DCU's B.Sc. in Computer Applications gives graduates strong technical education and hands-on experience and sets them on the road to further developing expertise skills in areas such as:

  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Software Programming
  • Web Design
  • Data Warehouses and Data Mining
  • Concurrent and Distributed Programming
  • Cryptography
  • Multimedia Technology

These topics are taught in a modern world-class setting in a practical manner that prepares the student for interaction and a career in today's increasingly high-tech world.


By studying for DCU's B.Sc. in Computer Applications degree, you will benefit from the following:

  • DCU's worldwide reputation for high-calibre computing graduates and consistently high graduate employment statistics.
  • Six months paid work placement, either in Ireland or abroad, that gives you real-world experience and boosts your employment value.
  • Ireland's most popular computing degree prepares you for a professional career in computing that's in high demand and transferable worldwide.
  • World-class computing facilities designed to enhance your learning experience.
  • Lots of tutoring support to smooth your transition to college life as well as hands on learning in lab-based classes.
  • A focus on practical aspects to prepare you for the world of IT. Lab work, group projects, presentations and communication skills, team work, organisational skills, analytical skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are just some of the aspects you will develop and strengthen.
  • The Final Year Project Expo gives students a chance to showcase their projects to industry and a good opportunity to secure interviews for jobs.
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