B.Sc in Enterprise Computing (DC120)

Programme Introduction

Chair of Programme: Dr. Yvette Graham
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Understanding Enterprise Computing

ec photo1 Computing technology has entered every corner of the commercial and industrial world and is a vital component in driving innovation across the business enterprise. It is the backbone of many organisations including banking and finance, high-tech enterprises, consulting companies and e-commerce based online retailers.

This degree will provide you with an understanding of how software engineers develop software solutions to address real world computing problems and teaches you how you can best use computing technology to allow people to work together and give companies a competitive edge in the marketplace. You will learn how to use and manage information technology and systems to improve and re-design the way they do business.

The B.Sc. in Enterprise Computing gives you the foundation for a career in information technology for the modern business enterprise. This degree is intended to educate high-end IT professionals, with practical skills in information systems, web technologies and IT systems networking management.

The skills you gain will be central to the development of the Irish and indeed the global economy over the coming decades. Moreover, those skills are portable. As a graduate of the B.Sc. in Enterprise Computing, you will be ideally placed to pursue a career as an IT professional here in Ireland, elsewhere in Europe or across the world.

About You

Are you an inquisitive student with an entrepreneurial streak? If you have an interest in information technology, computer networking and web technologies, and are looking at how organisations can employ technology solutions to meet current business needs, then this course will appeal to you.

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