Priviliged or Talented?

It seems in this country we often mistake privilege for talent. I was just listening to two brothers on the radio who were clearly priviliged but not nearly so obviously talented - although they and their interviewer were assuming that they were. It actually must be a particular burden on the children of the talented - there is an expectation that talent is inherited, when often it is not

Faculty of Engineering & Computing, Final Year Projects Expo 2017

FYP Expo Logo 2017

Tuesday 23rd May 2017 at 8am in the Helix

We are delighted to announce Tuesday 23rd May as the date for our Faculty of Engineering and Computing Expo.

BSc in Enterprise Computing

BSc in Enterprise Computing (EC)
CAO Code: DC120

Our new practical four year honours degree which prepares students for a career in Business IT Management. It consists of three main subject areas: Computing, Business and IT Management.

The course teaches you how you can best use computing technology to allow people to work together and give companies a competitive edge in the marketplace. You will learn how organisations operate, and how to use computers to improve and re-design the way they do business, and will acquire the skills and expertise needed to deploy technology solutions at the business front line.

EC students undertake a seven month work placement during the third year of their degree adding to the practical aspect and making students all the more desirable to employers.

Special Entry Requirements:

  • OC3/HD3 in Mathematics
  • Minimum CAO Points - 300 (points varies from year to year depending on demand)

The main differences between the two:

CA - Software Engineering

  • Focus on creating software
  • Technical-minded inventors
  • Typically work in computing & electronics companies

EC - Business IT Management

  • Focus on how best to apply technology
  • Business-oriented problem-solvers
  • Typically work in any industry with an IT dept (= most industries!)

Some comments from our computing graduates:

  • DCU gave me the best up-to-date industry standard education. Everything we do at work I have already experienced in projects at college. Big thanks all the teachers who were so aware of what's happening in the industry.
  • DCU is a great place to get started on the path to your career. It inspires independent learning and creative thought. I really enjoyed my time there.
  • I frequently hear DCU complimented by higher management for producing great graduates.
  • Desperately need more graduates. Lots of great opportunities out there now

Some comments from our current computing students:

  • The main reason I came to DCU to study computing was the reputation: DCU is known as the best computing degree in the country from both an academic perspective and an industry one so that was a no-brainer there.
  • I chose CA as I am generally interested in the whole area of computing and mainly - jobs/wages. Personally I do not see the point of going into an area if there are no prospects of jobs. Also DCU's reputation and, of course, CA's reputation. CA itself appealed to me more so than other university courses after looking at what we study (modules, streams, etc).
  • Personally I find the overall CA course very positive and well structured.
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