Mercury Girl Inc. - iOS / Droid developer

Vacancy Type: 
Private Sector

MercuryGirl inc is a boutique sized digital agency based in Dublin and specialising in Mobile platform development handling the full lifecycle of each project inhouse.

We make Mobile Apps across iPhone/blackberry/Android Windows mobile, Websites, Augmented reality software and Facebook apps.Our clients are top tier companies that are publicly listed to household name brands. We are now recruiting for an iOS developer with some android experience. The idela candidate will have a degree in computer science/ enginnering and will have more than one example of apps that they have produces and delivered to the app store for Android or Apple.

As part of the team you will be working with an inhouse design and creative team, becomming part of an interactive unit working across a maximum 2 projects simultaneously at any given time.

You will have experience working within a team of poeple, a sharp eye for detail and have the ability to hand code all components of the applications that you have worked on.

You will also be working along side web developers from our Canadian office.

6th July 2011

Language proficiency any 3 of:



Objective C/ C++

Apple iOS SDK Languages - Coco etc.





Flash Action script 2 and 3.


Sopecialist knowledge in programming for mapping, VOIP, gaming/ animation for Apple GUI. One of these been a plus.

Design Team

InDesign - ie. photoshop & illustrator.

It is not going to be required of you to design any front end artwork as this will be generated by our inhouse team.

Role requirements.

Working with under the guidence of an interactive producer.

Work with other company mobile and web developers as part of the team and as an individual.

Be analytical of other application builds.

Imprive on existing company inhouse and client builds.

Heavy user of iPhone, android apps.

Create accurate timelines for build milestones to be passed to the interactive producer.

Attend client meetings.

Digest tech news updates and movements in the industry. Always be informed on mobile technology and Mobile OS news and updates.

Work on Debug sheets for projects. Mercury Debug sheet software used.

Liase realistic expectation to clients.

Good time keeper.

Assesment will be based on level of skill and portfolio and not on any other factors.

If you are not successful with applying for the main job, you may be invited to become an intern.


Terms: 3 MONTH TRIAL. 35 hour working week.

Post trial contract: 12 MONTHS


Holidays: 35 days per year + official national holidays. (14 days paid holidays)

Benifits: Flexible hours and company phone.