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Private Sector

Company outline:

Priority Drilling are a surface and underground wireline diamond drilling and directional drilling service provider working on various locations across Ireland and the UK.

So what we are looking to do; is to turn our company time sheet into a smart phone App.

The App should be able to capture and imitate the time sheet App where employees can use the app to record daily workings, hours, meters drilled in the exact way they use the time sheets today. 

Once the data is recorded on the App  the recordings are  automatically sent to both client and contractor. 

It is essential that we have the ability translate all the information from the time sheets into performance graph charts, where the work of all employees can be observed. Who is performing the best and the worst including the average for all works.

Performance is rated by how many meters were drilled in as many hours.However there will be different performance types for alternative types of works. Core drilling works (standard) can be done in different coresizes which have to be recorded and departmentalized separately ;directional drilling (Navi) and Reaming works are also recorded on separate performance charts.

Basically in a nutshell what we want is an App that can show all works  involved in the company; the average (drilling meters) for the company for the year to date and the average for each driller for the year to date. The App should convey all averages per driller, for example gross hours combined with total meters; in turn allowing the user to observe meters drilled per hour, per employee, also allowing for deductions(down time, alternative works that are not quantitative).

Therefore; each driller has an average, that can be analyzed against a company average for all drillers, where everyone can be seen on a performance chart making the best and worst performance obvious to the observer.

A Time Sheet/Work Performance App, which records information and is visually receptive in the form of performance graph charts.

Email your enquiry please to: Corry

Priority Drilling Ltd., Killimor, Ballinasloe, Co. Glaway. Tel: 090 9676117


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