Opportunity Sutton Reeder Enterprises Ltd.

Vacancy Type: 
Private Sector


Opportunity Sutton Reeder Enterprises Ltd:

We are a start-up Technology company changing the way e-commerce is currently being developed. The business is run by Sid Sutton (CFO), who is a qualified accountant and Stewart Reeder (CEO) who has an MBA.

 We are looking for a talented developer who can own the CTO role within our start-up company. This person needs to be enthusiastic, driven and creative but also have a firm understanding of the following technology and would like to get real world experience:

 Required Knowledge: 

- Internet Technologies (Web Services, XML, etc)

- .Net Technology Stack and Web Development Languages

- Java Technology (J2EE, Spring, Hibernate)

- Database Understanding (MS SQL, Queries, etc)

- Understanding/Interest in ecommerce 

Being a Start-up company we are not currently in a position to pay a salary; however we are willing to offer Equity in the company to the right candidate who can help us achieve our goals in a flexible, fun and learning environment.

We understand from experience that the final years of college are very important to students in their development but equally we understand the importance of real world experience. We would also be very open to the idea of allowing the successful candidate to utilise the work for additional credit/project submission. 

 This is a proven business which we want to evolve. Long term as the business grows, this individual will be a key part of the business.

We are flexible in terms of where the student works from and we are hoping this experience will benefit them in their studies. We also like to encourage entrepreneurship and with an equity stake to the right candidate they will have the opportunity to be a shareholder in a growing technology company.