Ph.D. Studentship Available on Parallelisation of Programs

Vacancy Type: 
PhD Studentship

A Ph.D. studentship based in Lero at DCU is available for 4 years in the area of program parallelisation.

This PhD studentship is within the Towards Automated, Architecture- Aware Parallelisation Of Systems (TAAAPOS) project and will enable the student to work as part of a team of world-class researchers to develop techniques for the automated parallelisation of software.

Parallelising programs is a very difficult problem but one that, given the increasing prevalence of multi-core systems, must be addressed. Parallelising programs by hand is tedious and error-prone; the programmer is forced to think about the implementation of parallelism in addition to algorithmic requirements. This increases the development and verification costs associated with parallel software, which are in turn made more complex by the growing size and complexity of the software itself.

By automatically introducing parallelism into programs, the programmer is freed from explicitly implementing parallelism and can therefore concentrate on algorithmic issues. However, producing automatically parallelised code which is comparable in performance to code which has been parallelised by hand is very difficult. In this project, we propose to make use of recent developments in the area of program transformation to automatically parallelise programs.

This position will involve the student working in conjunction with a couple of companies and performing research to:

  • Develop techniques to identify potential parallelism within programs.
  • Develop a parallelisation tool.
  • Evaluate parallelisation tool for a wide range of programs and parallel architectures.
  • Compare performance of automatically parallelised programs with corresponding programs which have been parallelised by hand.

Applicants should have a 2:1 or 1st Class Honours Degree (or equivalent) in a computing related discipline.

The studentship is for 4 years and will be based in Lero at Dublin City University. If interested please contact Geoff dot Hamilton at computing dot dcu dot ie.