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Wei Li - PhD Transfer Talk - 31st May 2012

Title: Using Community Trained Recommender Models for Enhanced Information Retrieval

Abstract: My research focuses on exploiting recommender models for enhanced information retrieval (IR). In recent years...

Transfer Talk
Debasis Ganguly - PhD Transfer Talk - 29th May 2012

Title: Topical Relevance Models

Abstract: My work focuses on investigating the potential benefits of positional segmentation and topical segmentation for information retrieval (IR). While positional...

Transfer Talk
Faculty of Engineering and Computing Open Day 2011

The School of Computing ran a successful and enjoyable event this year, with a strong turnout during the two Open Days. Friday was extremely busy with bus loads of students arriving and roaming the campus and Saturday there was a heavy presence...

Eoin Hurrell - PhD Transfer Talk - 25th October 2011
Eoin Hurrell - PhD Transfer Talk

Title: Social Contextuality in Conversational Recommendation

Abstract: This research will explore new ways of supporting information seeking needs using advances in interactive recommendation and contextual informtion. Information...

Transfer Talk
Pratyush Banerjee - PhD Transfer Talk - 13th September 2011
Pratyush Banerjee - PhD Transfer Talk

Title: Combinations of Domain-Specific Models in Domain Adaptation of  Statistical Machine Translation

Abstract: Adapting existing Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) systems to new domains different from the training domain...

Transfer Talk
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