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Faculty of Engineering and Computing Open Day 2011

The School of Computing ran a successful and enjoyable event this year, with a strong turnout during the two Open Days. Friday was extremely busy with bus loads of students arriving and roaming the campus and Saturday there was a heavy presence...

Eoin Hurrell - PhD Transfer Talk - 25th October 2011
Eoin Hurrell - PhD Transfer Talk

Title: Social Contextuality in Conversational Recommendation

Abstract: This research will explore new ways of supporting information seeking needs using advances in interactive recommendation and contextual informtion. Information...

Transfer Talk
Pratyush Banerjee - PhD Transfer Talk - 13th September 2011
Pratyush Banerjee - PhD Transfer Talk

Title: Combinations of Domain-Specific Models in Domain Adaptation of  Statistical Machine Translation

Abstract: Adapting existing Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) systems to new domains different from the training domain...

Transfer Talk
Prof. Jason Kuruzovich - IT Governance Processes - 29th September 2011

Title: IT Governance Processes and IT Alignment: Viewpoints from the Board of Directors

Abstract: This research empirically examines the role of the board of directors in driving IT alignment. We develop a model that links governance...

Research Seminar Talk
Sandipan Dandapat - PhD Transfer Talk - 2nd June 2011

Title: Mitigating the Problems of SMT using EBMT

Abstract: Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) typically has difficulties with less-resourced languages, even with homogeneous data. In this report we address the application of Example...

Transfer Talk
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