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President of DCU launches ‘CloudCORE’ the First Academic Cloud Research Centre in DCU

The School of Computing, in conjunction with various collaborators are delighted to launch CloudCORE Research Group Centre in DCU.  Cloud Computing promises huge benefits to all users of Information Technology from individuals to the...

Dr. Lucia Specia - Quality Estimation of Machine Translation - 4th July 2011

Quality Estimation for Machine Translation

Abstract: Although significant progress has been observed in the overall quality of machine translation (MT) systems in recent years, it is well known that the...

Research Seminar Talk
Dr. Jolita Ralyté - Situational Method Engineering Talk - 28th June 2011

Dr. Jolita Ralyté from the Institute of Services Science at the University of Geneva gave a talk on Situational Method Engineering: Achievements, Trends &...

Research Seminar Talk
Zhengwei Qiu - Ph.D Transfer Talk - 3rd June 2011
Zhengwei Qui Transfer Talk


TITLE : Detecting and Utilising Important moments for Personal Information Management


Transfer Talk
Neil Costigan Talk 20th May 2011 - University Start-ups
Neil Costigan Talk

"Commercialising university research - some insights on the road from idea
to venture funding."

Neil Costigan (ex-DCU student)

Guest Lecture
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