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Michael Scriney - Transfer Talk - 20th August 2015
Michael Scriney

Title: Using the NoSQL Model to support DWARF Cubes in XML Data Mining

Transfer Talk
Zaher Hinbarji - Transfer Talk - 17th August 2015
Zaher Hinbarji

Title: Behavioural Biometric Identification Based on Human-Computer Interactions

Transfer Talk
Iacer Calixto - Transfer Talk - 14th August 2015
Iacer Calixto

Title: Towards Incorporating Visual  Information in Machine Translation

Transfer Talk
Marlon Oliveira - Transfer Talk - 14th August 2015
Marlon Oliveira

Title: Hand Gesture Recognition for Mobile Devices

Transfer Talk
TengQi Ye - Transfer Talk - 14th August 2015
TengQi Ye

Title: A Content-based Search Engine for Lifelogging using a Collaborative Common Knowledge Base

Transfer Talk
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