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Peter Tiernan - Transfer Talk - 17th June 2014

Title: Designing, integrating and evaluating an online video platform for learning in Higher Education


Transfer Talk
Venkatesh Kannan - Transfer Talk - Tuesday 27th May 2014
Venkatesh Kannan

Title: Automated Parallelisation of Functional Programs for Heterogeneous Architectures

Transfer Talk
Karen Carey - Transfer Talk - 10th April 2014

Title: Improving ‘Concept Evaluation’ in the Exploratory Stages of Enterprise Mobile Service Development

Transfer Talk
Phelim Murnion - Transfer Talk - 10th March 2014

Title: Measuring the Impact of Learning Analytics in Educational Management

Transfer Talk
ComputeTY Promotional Video
ComputeTY Logo

ComputeTY (for transition year students) takes place over a three week period between January and February each year with each school/individual attends for one week during this time.  The course structure is divided into three streams,...

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