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Zhenxing Zhang - Transfer Talk - 26th September 2013
Zhenxing Zhang

Title: Interactive Object Retrieval in Large Video Collections

Supervisor: Dr. Cathal Gurrin

Information retrieval technologies help people to maximize the...

Transfer Talk
Dr. Hang Li - Seminar Talk - 1st August 2013
Dr. Hang Li


The Future of Natural Language Processing


In this talk, I will give a review on the current state of natural language processing (NLP), including information retrieval, and discuss the future...

Research Seminar Talk
Lijuan Zhou - Transfer Talk - 3rd May 2013
Lijuan Zhou

Title: Linkage-based organisation of LifeLog Archives

Supervisor: Dr. Cathal Gurrin

Abstract: As a result of the continual advances in digital sensing...

Transfer Talk
Lluís Padró - Seminar Talk - 19th April 2013
Lluís Padró

Title: FreeLing: Open-Source NLP

Abstract: Lluís Padró[1] is an associate professor and member of TALP Natural Language Processing Group[2] at the Department of Software[3] of the Technical...

Research Seminar Talk
Dr. Benjamin Aziz - Seminar Talk - 11th April 2013
Dr. Benjamin Aziz

Title: Goal-Driven Digital Forensic Investigations

Abstract: Digital forensics is the science and art of investigating the evidence surrounding incidents where computing systems' security is broken....

Research Seminar Talk
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