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Irina Roznovat - PhD Transfer Talk - 25th February 2013
Irina Roznovat

Title: A Computational Model for Genetic and Epigenetic Signals in Colon Cancer

Supervisor: Prof. Heather Ruskin

Cancer, a class of diseases, characterized by...

Transfer Talk
Jinlin Guo - Transfer Talk - 28th March 2013
Jinlin Guo

Title: Generating Textual Description for User-generated Video Using Audio-Visual Semantic Concepts

Abstract: Due to the increasing affordability for capturing and storing video and the proliferation of...

Transfer Talk
Pooyan Jamshidi - Transfer Talk - 27th February 2013
Pooyan Jamshidi

Title: Reliable Architecture-Centric Self-Adaptation of Component-Based

Abstract: A major challenge in distributed and heterogeneous software is to maintain a proper coordination of functional components...

Transfer Talk
Tim Jacquemard - Transfer Talk - 28th January 2013

Title: Ethics of Lifelog Technology

Abstract: Due to the multitude of technologies which are either enabled by sensor web technology or part of it, it is infeasible to address ethical concerns related to...

Transfer Talk
John Looney - Guest Lecture - 8th Nov 2012
John Looney

Abstract: Google Wide Profiling


Guest Lecture
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