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Fattah Alizadeh - Transfer Talk - 22nd Oct 2012
Fattah Alizadeh

Title: Design and Evaluation of a Partial Retrieval System for 3D Models Supporting Relevance Feedback

Abstract: As the number of 3D models is growing on the internet and other domain-specific datasets,...

Transfer Talk
Michael Dever - PhD Transfer Talk - 17th Sept 2012
Michael Dever

Title: Automating the Parallelization of Functional Programs

The use of parallel architectures, from home to mobile, is increasing on a day-to-day basis. Accompanying this increase in...

Transfer Talk
Maria Eskevich - PhD Transfer Talk - 26th July 2012

Title: Towards Effective Retrieval of Spontaneous Conversational Spoken Content

Abstract: The volume of archived digital multimedia is growing rapidly with the expansion of technologies available for...

Transfer Talk
Sebastian Hellman - DCLRS Seminar - 14th June 2012

Title: A Transparent Formalization of Text for Machines

Research Seminar Talk
Prof. Miguel De Silva - BIG Seminar - 7th June 2012

Title: ITIL and Service Management Related Research

Presenter: Prof Miguel De Silva from Lisbon Technical University

Research Seminar Talk
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