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Tim Jacquemard - Transfer Talk - 28th January 2013

Title: Ethics of Lifelog Technology

Abstract: Due to the multitude of technologies which are either enabled by sensor web technology or part of it, it is infeasible to address ethical concerns related to...

Transfer Talk
John Looney - Guest Lecture - 8th Nov 2012
John Looney

Abstract: Google Wide Profiling


Guest Lecture
Fattah Alizadeh - Transfer Talk - 22nd Oct 2012
Fattah Alizadeh

Title: Design and Evaluation of a Partial Retrieval System for 3D Models Supporting Relevance Feedback

Abstract: As the number of 3D models is growing on the internet and other domain-specific datasets,...

Transfer Talk
Michael Dever - PhD Transfer Talk - 17th Sept 2012
Michael Dever

Title: Automating the Parallelization of Functional Programs

The use of parallel architectures, from home to mobile, is increasing on a day-to-day basis. Accompanying this increase in...

Transfer Talk
Maria Eskevich - PhD Transfer Talk - 26th July 2012

Title: Towards Effective Retrieval of Spontaneous Conversational Spoken Content

Abstract: The volume of archived digital multimedia is growing rapidly with the expansion of technologies available for...

Transfer Talk
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