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Stephen Doherty - DCLRS seminar - 1st June 2012

Investigating the Effects of Controlled Language on the Reading and Comprehension of Machine Translated Texts: A Mixed-Methods Approach using Eye Tracking

Research Seminar Talk
Shuyan Xie - PhD Transfer Talk - 1st June 2012

Title: Design and Evaluation of an Assessment Instrument to Determine the Quality of Information Exchanges in Inter-organizational environments -Demonstrated in Emergency Medical Services-

Abstract: Inter-organizational...
Transfer Talk
David Scott - PhD Transfer Talk - 1st June 2012

Title: Enhancing Visual Representations in Multi-Modal Video Information Retrieval for Known-Item Search

Abstract: In recent years we have witnessed a surge in the amount of online content access on various handheld...

Transfer Talk
Wei Li - PhD Transfer Talk - 31st May 2012

Title: Using Community Trained Recommender Models for Enhanced Information Retrieval

Abstract: My research focuses on exploiting recommender models for enhanced information retrieval (IR). In recent years...

Transfer Talk
Debasis Ganguly - PhD Transfer Talk - 29th May 2012

Title: Topical Relevance Models

Abstract: My work focuses on investigating the potential benefits of positional segmentation and topical segmentation for information retrieval (IR). While positional...

Transfer Talk
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